Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Happy first birthday precious Chloe!

Many times when I see other mothers plan for their baby’s first birthday, it got me very excited and I wanna do everything that they did. But in the end, due to some restriction, we did a simple one for Chloe.

Ahbuii ordered buffet catering. We wanted to buy a simple cake on that day itself but PIL asked if we have bought it and we said no. So, they said they will get the cake for Chloe instead. I really really wanna do something for Chloe’s birthday. Due to all the restrictions, I manage to pick something I can do. Crafts. So, I decided to do a simple decor.

In the end, I wasn’t very happy with the decor I did. I felt it looked like shit. Wet blankets and negative remarks and also no support just makes me feel… useless. I do give myself a pat at the back for being able to go through all the remarks and put the decor up.

Disappointment on my shitty decor aside.

Ahbuii’s family all turned up. I don’t think anyone complained about the food. Which means it is good.

Gave Chloe some broccoli as her dinner from the buffet spread. I gave mantou as well, but she didn't like it.

Ahbuii’s 4th aunt and her husband unable to stay until the cake cutting due to family reasons.

When Ahbuii’s 3rd uncle arrives, we assembled for photo taking and also singing the happy birthday song and Chloe cuts her very first birthday cake. While cutting the cake, a piece of strawberry slipped out. We gave it to her since she loves strawberries.

Chloe had her first taste of cake! She loves it!

After she had her cake, we change her into her chicky romper. Hung around for a little longer. We let her stay up a little late than her usual bedtime as well.

At about 9pm, we brought Chloe home, ahbuii bathe her. I went and prepare her cot and milk. After we dressed Chloe in her pajamas, Ahbuii went back to wait for the caterer to come and clean up. I, on the other hand, gave Chloe her milk and cuddled her until she is almost asleep. Placed her in her cot, and I went over to keep Ahbuii company.

To many more years of parenting to come.

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