14 July 2014

My grandma's 80th birthday

After decided to have Grand Imperial Restaurant as my grandma’s 80th birthday celebration location from the hunt, my aunt went ahead with some discussions among the siblings and daughter in laws. We increased from 2 tables to 5 tables initially, but some couldn’t make it. So the final amount was 4 tables. 

Once I reached, my grand auntie said I slimmed down d! wahahahahaaa! 

"slimmed" me

At first I thought me and gf will be late because we had some chores to do, but when we reached, my uncle got lost. So me and gf drove out again to look for him. Then we headed back to the restaurant with my uncle. 

me and ahma

Dishes were served, the food was not bad for me. Quite acceptable. Honestly, how the food tastes that night doesn’t really bother me because the overall reunion was great. 

Half way through, the waitress push in a cart with a birthday cake on it. And boy did my grandma looked surprised and touched. 

It was a great reunion, considering we sometimes can’t even get to meet up during Chinese New Year.  We had a lot to drink thanks to my cousin for the wine and liquor. We had a lot of yum seng sessions which “yum seng” is replaced by “happy birthday to you”. We had aunties taking selfies, which I teased why never buy the monopod? We had a lot of photograph sessions.

Before everyone left, my aunt and mom distributed longevity gifts and ang pao. Then slowly, the crowd reduces. 

A slide show I've put together to view on the TV

13 July 2014

My usual Saturdays

Over the years, our habit changes. From having exciting Saturdays jumping from malls to malls then at night from one place to another for second rounds, to a boring married couple weekend. I’m not complaining tho. I prefer this laid back kinda Saturdays. 

After le gf’s hectic day at work on Fridays, we will either go for movies or stay in for downloaded/stream movies. Then we will sleep at about 12 or 1am and wake up after 12 hours of sleep. Whichever of us wakes up first will continue rolling in our bed, playing our phones until we cannot tahan and feeling hungry already, we will wake the other fella up. 

We will dress in our sloppiest clothes we have and head out to the restaurant near our place for brunch. She will have her usual ‘cham ping’ and I will have my usual ‘milo kosong ping’ or plain water. Whichever I feel like having that day. Our orders will be either lou shu fun soup, chicken rice, wan tan mee or fried kuay teow mee. But due to my health condition, we didn’t order kuay teow mee for quite some time now. 

cham ping bungkus... for more ice and more to drink compare to the usual plastic 'glass' they serve.

lou shu fun soup. :D

The chicken rice is by far the best chicken rice I’ve ever tasted. His chili is damn awesome. Ah… I shall blog about it someday… 

After brunch, we will either go for groceries shopping or go home to do house chores. Well… most of the time she will do them. Washing the clothes, hanging the clothes to dry and ironing the clothes. I will help out easy stuffs like… erm… dusting and wiping the stuffs in the room? Then I will transform to be a couch potato. :P

Then comes dinner time, we either cook or go dine out with her parents at the restaurant. We will hang around at the restaurant chit chatting a bit, sometimes will go back to her parent’s place a while, sometimes we will head home straight after dinner. 

Once we reached home, we will hang around outside of the house a while. Talk, watch the fish, kacau-ing the cactus, etc. 

Then after shower, and continue with whatever show we were watching until both of us doze off. Zzzzz…

12 July 2014

Tipsy Brew O'Coffee @ Setia Walk, Puchong

The other day after dinner, we have about 45 minutes to spare. So, we went Tipsy to try their coffee. I had become a coffee joint freak. Not because I love coffee, but I like cozy environments. 

06 July 2014

Dinner location hunting.

Grandma’s 80th birthday dinner is coming soon! Me, my aunt and a cousin of mine went around looking for a place suitable for a banquet. Initially we wanna have 2 tables only. Just our side for the dinner and organise something else for grandma’s siblings in Jinjang.

this is my grandma. lol...

At first my aunt and my cousin went Imperial China Restaurant in SS17. I didn’t go along as I need to run some errands. After I was done, I went over and picked them up.

Once they got in the car, they complaint right away. 1, the service sucked. 2, the restaurant condition is not well maintained. Lol…

So, we went USJ 19 instead. The one in USJ 19 is Grand Imperial Restaurant and boy were we impressed. The manager’s service is good. Explained in detail and the condition of the restaurant is impressive. Very clean and the rooms are nice.

Of cos our choice is weighing towards Grand Imperial, we just need to choose the menu package now. :D

01 July 2014


I’ve never been good with money. I spend every single cent I earn from my job, not leaving a single penny every month. Oh… how can we forget, credit cards? After spending every single penny in my bank account and it is not even pay day yet, what we do? We spend using credit cards, making what we spend negative from what we earn. 

This was me for the past… I don’t know… almost 10 years? And now… the effect kicks in. Although I can say not much comparing to those who need to declare bankruptcy. But still... and I have cut off all my credit cards at the moment until i get myself right on track again. So, yea... it made me quite suffocating every end of the month. 

About a month back, I learnt something from a friend of mine. Every month, set aside some money and categorize them what u wanna save for. Even if u need a folder to make sure they are categorized, do it. And I did, I actually got myself a small pocket folder to sort them out.

For example, I always struggle for money when I need to pay my car insurance every year. So I set a category for car. Be it I need it for the insurance or a little car pampering, I will use from that category. Maybe I need to have a getaway to somewhere near away from the busy city I would use from vacation category. And of cos, there will be many more other categories. But I just started this month, so I concentrate on car first bcos my insurance is due soon. Although it wont be enough to cover the whole amount, but at least my wallet wont have a big hole, unlike the previous years. 

So, I was reading, 13 money tips from the ultra rich and I am glad that I am practising most of what was listed. No, I dun aim to be a million or billionaire. I just aim to live not wanting to worry about if I am able to survive every month. 

What’s your way of saving and advise?