10 November 2015

A Day at Esplanade

We were in Suntec and wanted to wait for the night bus instead to go home. So we went to Esplanade. 

On that day, Kumar was there and the Q was crazy! So many people~!! but I didn't get to see la. Instead, I went to the artsy side. 

29 October 2015

Public Garden @ Suntec City

I have always wanted to experience the craft scene / flea market scene in Singapore but I didnt really have any idea where to start from. Lynn told me to try Public Garden. So I searched it up and found it will be at Suntec. A place that I've been to a few times. Yay me!

It was suppose to be 1pm to 7pm and I was nicely walking around at Suntec Mall. Slowly had my late lunch. By the time I wanna go, I asked thebf wat time is it. It was alre 5.45pm. =.="

And no... There wasn't enough time for me...

And I dont know if this is blessing in disguise... I didnt withdraw any money...

By the time we reached, it was alre 6pm. I only have one hour...

SO cute! I cannot! thebf said, if I buy and wear it, it will go missing cos I will end up biting it off. =.="

It's really interesting to see a lot of crafters coming together to one location from various countries. 

At the end of it, I blame myself for... 1, didnt go earlier. 2, didnt withdraw money. T.T

Alive Museum @ Suntec City

Finally i manage to do something tourist-sy. I got the free tickets from my company to go Alive Museum at Suntec City. So, made my way there on one of the Saturdays. 

Yup. the lioness in me... a fierce one.

28 July 2015


Wow... nearly 5 months not updating. That's a record. haha

It's been nearly 5 months I'm in Singapore and of cos, still surviving. Honestly, I am enjoying every single bits over here. Who says it is difficult to survive in Singapore?!

The room I manage to secure was not bad. The landlord is an old lady. The room was quite big. Enough space for me to roll about. Most important part is, there is a direct bus to work. Right below, they have LOTS of different food! There's convenient stores and clinic. Damn convenient la!

There is this awesome bistro just few steps away with awesome food and awesome ice cream. And to be very honest, this is the happiest part of staying here. Hahaha!

Then, nearby there is this neighborhood mall. Just 3 bus stops away! The mall got lots of food oso! Got Japanese! Got Subway! 

First 2 months here was a breeze. I felt the whole lot of being independent, which I really like that feeling. Waking up in the morning, getting ready, leave the house and buy a bread on the way to the bus stop. Reach the office and nom the bread. Then, training. After training, head home, read a bit and fall asleep. This was before I got my 12GB data. Now that I got the 12GB data, I watch youtube until I fall asleep!

The training was interesting. It was about one and half month of training. It was rather long. But it was definitely sufficient to hit the floor with. The people I met during training was not bad. Most of us are Malaysians. Quite close knitted, until we hit the floor, we all went separate ways.

Hitting the floor was not too bad. The calls flows in like waterfall and time flies pretty quickly everyday.

Occasionally, I travel to JB to meet up with Jessi and see her mom. Then, load my tummy with all the good food and put on a few kilos when i'm back in SG. But my main purpose to JB was to do my banking. Lol...

Few months down, I fell sick. It pretty sucked to fall sick alone. At first, I did the ‘Dr. Misheru’ stunt. Got my own meds. But it didnt work. So, I got down to the clinic and see the Dr. Thankfully, the clinic is just below where I stayed. The bf then came over, and took me out for lunch.

Oh oh! Finally! I decided to quit smoking and whenever I got the urge, I put the money in a bottle. And only SGD30, I alre got no urge at all! Hahaha! I am not so addicted after all la.

Coming to SG really made me think that every shit happened really has a reason.

1, Although the money I earn here is just nice for everything. The best part is... MYR decides to drop. It's like the timing is just nice!

2, I am much happier here. Even though being alone. Like travelling alone, eat alone, walk alone, sleep alone, do what oso alone... I am happy.

3, I found someone who truly cares. Well, I know it is still too damn new to judge, but for now I am contented.

So, yep... The BF...

He knows I need to shed off those kilos bcos of my health and yet still feeds me like a cow cos he scared I will be hungry. And I will eat happily when fed cos I just love food too damn much.

When I said I need to get facial mask, and this is what he did...

Overall, life here is good and I love it here!

23 February 2015

Kung Fu Smooth Pan Mee @ Taman Sri Sentosa

I was never ever a big fan of Pan Mee. Even I live near the ever famous SS19 Pan Mee stall all my life, I never had their Pan Mee more than 10 bowls. It’s only recent years when I’m with the current gf, she is mad about Pan Mee. That almost 10 bowls of SS19 Pan Mee of mine was achieved only in recent years. 

But this Pan Mee I’m gonna talk about, is the ONLY Pan Mee I would go for anytime. The ONLY Pan Mee I will never say no. The ONLY Pan Mee I’m willing to wake up extra early for. 

The chili that comes with it, I would add lime for the extra ‘kick’. 

The soup is so good, I would finish the whole bowl. 

The Pan Mee is so smooth and chewy that I don’t mind eating LOTS of bowls. Unfortunately, I will feel full and stuffed. My record was 2 and half bowls. :X

This is the Pan Mee I would recommend anytime. 

Photo credit to:- Him

28, Jalan Seri Sentosa 9A/133,
Taman Sri Sentosa,
Bt. 6 1/2 Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Close on Monday.
Tel: 016-288 3911

16 February 2015

Dinner out with ahma

That day my cousin brother (Wilson) came back from Singapore and we headed out for dinner with my grandma, and of cos with his mom (sikim) and my aunt (ahyi). We didnt know what to eat and we just drove to Subang Empire and walked around.

We ended up in Din Tai Fung. It’s small, and packed. 

Wilson and ahma. 

Ahyi and SiKim.

Wilson, ahma, ahyi and sikim. 

All of us! 

This is good! Probably the only dish that’s nice and good. Unfortunately, I forgot what this is called. 

Xiao Long Bao. Not much soup in it. Still prefer Dragon-i’s. 

My cousin sister said that this Hello Kitty is replacing her and eating on her behalf... Lol... 

Dunno what La Mian. Don't really like it. It was cold and oily. Maybe it was supposed to be that way? Well, it's just not my taste. 

酢酱拉面 Cha Jiang La Mian. COLD!!! 

Wantons in soup. The wantons are not that bad. 


I find the food there was just so so and I really dont think that it is worth that price. 

After dinner, we went to Charles & Keith which was just next door. While my grandma sits and rest. I was posing to her almost all the bags to her and she laughed. While laughing, she warned me not to buy bags anymore. =.=””

Overall, the night was quite fun. I can see that ahma enjoyed herself very much. Whatever it is, as long as ahma is happy and smiling. :)

13 February 2015

Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats

First attempt to make a video of what I usually eat for breakfast. I find it is quite enjoyable to edit videos and upload the final edit. I might do more of these. Well, not recipe stuffs cos I rarely step into the kitchen... :P

This is just my way of making overnight oats, the way i enjoy it. :)