08 December 2014

Happy Birthday To ME!

Let me tell you guys how I celebrated my birthday.

For few days I’ve been asking Bii if she made any reservations, cos I didnt wanna clash with any of my appointments. I sometimes have appointments on weekends. Then, come that day, someone did asked for an appointment on that day, so at the end I just straight up told bii, “if you made any reservations, pls change the time”.

After making a few calls, turns out the other party had some issues, so there’s no appointment on my side.

Come on the bday eve, she finally told me the reservation is at 7pm.

Since she didnt tell me anything about reservation or whatsoeverrrrrrr... I didnt bring any dress along with me to her hse. =.=” sure, nvm. I can drive back to my hse to take a dress but nuuuuuuu... She drove my car to work cos her car was sent to do some stuffs. So, i decided to get a cab. Cab oso another disaster ahh!

So, i downloaded MyTeksi and tried 5 times! All cabbies rejected me! Den nvm, Uber la. Expensive but at least i get to try. :P but nuuuu!!! Dont have oso! I went back to MyTeksi, raised tips to RM2, rejected. Fine. I raised to RM5. And finally someone accepted. =.=” On my way back, i thought to myself, how many freaking thousand yrs ago was my last taxi ride?

So, i reached Subang, did my hair, touched up my make up with a few inches thick some more. But then she had something to do, so it was delayed a little. It’s all good. I manage to get some shut eye. Haha...

She came and picked me up. I had no idea at all where she is bringing me. Her waze was on for directions, so i tapped on the directions. Then she “OII!” me. Hahahaha!

We arrived at Menara KH. Never heard before, what’s inside? Lol...

We went to the highest floor, and i saw "Heli". Being greeted by captain and air stewardess uniformed hostess. Interior is kinda dark, and they only have a small section for dining.

We were of cos seated by the window with KL view. One of the reason why bii picked this place, i love to see lights. Even my previous car is filled with LEDs.

Before the food arrived, she told me she forgot to take her wallet. So she went down and took her wallet. And handed me these... Haha!

She had chicken and i had salmon. Not bad tasting. No complains. Her chicken is still moist and juicy with grilled vege. While mine, is just nice. Not too dry and it doesn’t flake, comes with grilled cucumber and capsicum.

We ate, talked a bit, drink a bit, then we ordered dessert. We are allowed to have dessert and wine at the helipad. So, we moved our seats. Walked up the stairs. By the time we reached our table, we were panting like mad. Hahaha! Lack of exercise!

The view up there... Breath taking! Maybe i ‘suaku’ never go top floors before, so to me this is awesome view! View both KLCC and KL Tower right before my eyes!!!

Then... we cam whore like mad. Haha!

At 11pm, they sent the “birthday cake” over. Bii said she asked them to send at 11.30pm. But i think they knew it’s gonna rain, so they sent at 11pm. The “birthday cake” is actually something like mousse. Then i finished the whole thing! Hahaha! It’s damn nice ah!

Haha! My dumb face. The wind blew off the candle and I looked at bii itu macam. 

True enough, it rained. We decided to leave cos it was getting really crowded below the helipad.

The next day, which is my exact day, we had our usual simple Saturday lunch. Chicken rice outside our house and we catch a movie at Setia Walk. After movie, i sent her to her family house and i headed back to have dinner with mom. ^^

Birthday resolution?

Well... Birthday + new year resolution.
Happier and more positive me. :)

Simple video i put up. :)

24 November 2014

Kluang, Johor - November '14

I’m sorry. I’m sick. But I wanna post something. But I’m lazy to type. So, here. Watch this. 


27 October 2014


I’ve actually left my previous company at the beginning of August. I was actively job hunting. Really, when you start hesitating going to work, there’s definitely something wrong. You will feel like as though you are being forced to complete your tasks unwillingly. Even you have completed your tasks, you will still be in the did-i-screw-that-up mode. Not sure about my colleagues tho, but that was me. People always say, if you have issues, talk to your boss. Numerous times, my big boss would say, “you dont like it here, then leave”. So, i dont see the point of talking. 

As time goes on, i start to have these migraines. Up till now, it still lingers. I even went and see a neurologist and went for MRI scan. Well, of cos there is nothing wrong with my head. I spoke to a few friends on what i was going through, it was kept in me for some time before i get to talk to someone. My friend said it was perhaps i was having panic attacks. I got my chamomile tea and i got my lavender burning essence thingie. I was still having the same issue. So, my aunt suggested to go and see a therapist. i went and see a therapist. honestly, i didnt really see any improvement. so i stopped. 

During the period i was having all these migraines, i was on MC as well. Never in my working history i have MCs back to back. So, looking at the MCs i have took, i decided to call it quits. With immediate effect. While another stress fall onto me praying and hoping the company will not take their action for i did not serve my 1 month notice, i kept looking for job. 

I had a few interviews lined up. Sometimes, when u think interviews are only for companies to evaluate you, you are wrong. Interviews are for both parties to evaluate each other. You evaluate the company and the interviewers evaluate you on behalf of their companies. While you show sincerity wanting to serve for their company, they too need to show sincerity of wanting to hire u to be part of them. I agree on the term where there is no such thing as companies cannot survive without you, but i also believe that if the company wants to hire you, they should have an environment that you can work in.

I went for the interviews. 

1, The hiring managers were horrible. They talk as though my face is stuck on the ceiling. They gave me the impression like, can you work with indians (no offense my fellow indian friends, that is exactly what happened), if you cannot work with indians then we shall not waste time here. So from here, im already feeling there’s racism issue. At the end, they didn’t offer me the job, which I secretly felt relieved. 

2, I was made to wait for 30 mins. I strongly believe in respecting each other’s time. I went early. At least 15 minutes early. Then when the time comes, i was told to wait. Firstly, i was being passed around. From my understanding, i was suppose to be interview by this lady. Then “no, im not free, ask mr so and so to interview. Of cos i do not know who i was suppose to see at the beginning, but when i went in to the room. I was quite in disbelief. This guy was free all the time just sitting in his room. Not engaging on the phone or computer. So fine, maybe he is busy to think of his plans for the day. I was offered the job. Feeling there will be a lot of tai chi-ing, i turned it down. 

After all that, i decided to pick a non-salary paying job. Real Estate Negotiator (REN). I have been wanting to explore this line. Knowing that i have zero knowledge, i still want to join and explore. I dont deny that it is tough. It is. Nothing comes easy. Especially good money. So, I have been in the line for 2 months now. Making calls was no biggie for me for my background. I just need to improve on face to face. 

Im glad to have people who are supportive. I also have a bunch of people who isnt. :)

Now, spread around! As long as it is within Klang Valley, I will definitely try my best to assist. Wish me luck! 

18 September 2014

What will you do?

... If you witness an accident. Not a huge one, but there are casualties.

I was on my way back from Puchong. That was around... 11pm? and when I was about to reach the turning to Sunway, suddenly a motorcycle lost control and fell. 2 guys fell. One guy hit his head at the divider walk way thingie (sorry, dont know what is it called) and another guy got up and tried to wake that guy up. 

I drove passed... 

As I was continuing my drive back home, it kept playing in my mind. I cant let it go. I turned back. I know i may not be able to provide any help. But by calling police or ambulance helps too? Maybe?

I drove kinda far away alre, so it took me a while to reach back that place. 

As i arrived, i saw one extremely modified Satria (i dont know the head lights are angel rings or monster eyes... Damn awesome head lights!) stopped there. Then a Police 4wd. And one lorry with the arrow blinking? You know, those you saw when they close one side of the road and then the light blinks asking u to go to the other lane? 

Apparently, the guy from the modified Satria is a trained St John Ambulance paramedics. :O

So I hang around a bit.

One guy lay down. The other guy sat down, with a piece of glass stuck on the toe. He urged the St John guy to remove it. But i understand where he stands. You may not know if it is safe to remove it just like that. Both of them are indians. And that indian guy was nice enough and ask me to go home, the police and the paramedic is around den sudah boleh. Walao... U hurt liao u still care enough to ask a perempuan to go home first. I give u a ‘like’.

So, i did. I told the police i will leave first, and they said ok since the ambulance is coming anyway. The ambulance that is on the way was from UM. 

Although i didnt provide any sort of help, but at least seeing someone else there that can help eased me up a little. 

I hope they are OK. 

09 September 2014


Yuuhuu~ i am being tagged by Joo Ai and here it is!


the sampat-ness in me

1. I LOVE dogs, but I can't keep them for I have a queen at home who doesn't like furry pets. :'(
- the thing about my grandma is, she doesn’t like any furry pets. My mom brought Kin Boy and Baby back from where she used to stay… and boy did they have hard time with my grandma… U know how ppl say dogs don’t bite unless they are forced to the corner… yea… my grandma got bitten by Kin Boy. So, imagine how she treated them when they were around. So Kin Boy passed on due to old age and Baby ran away bcos the gate was open when the fire works were boooooming away… no more fur babies at home. oni my wugui. even the poor kitten i found she said she wanna kill it if i wanna keep it. :(

kin boy

2. I just made the worst decision in my life few days back.
- I found a kitten about a week ago and asked for help from a friend to foster this little guy. I know the littlest stuffs about cats, let alone a month old kitten. So, after about a day or 2, we sent him to the vet for a general check up. The vet gave him deworm medication. On 2nd day after the visit to the vet, the worm did come out and it grossed out my friend. However, the nightmare didn’t end there. He was still purging. So, I decided to ask for help in FB to get some financial help so that I can send him to the hospital. I was really grateful that a few of my friends did donate a handful and some gave advices as well. One of the advice was to feed a little bit of raw chicken liver to strengthen him. At first, I was taken back a little but I made a little reading and it seemed ok. So, we went ahead to feed him some. It wasn’t much. Just a tiny bit. Then, he purged and vomited. At first I thought maybe he is not used to it. So, we brushed it off and he went to sleep. When he woke up, the real nightmare begins. He woke up, I fed him with water. He always drinks water. After water, we tried feeding him some of the canned food that he usually eats. Then, he tried to stand. He can’t stand. We helped him up, he fell forward. He went weak drastically. It was about 12am or 1am at that time. I made numerous calls to Animal Hospitals. I started with Gasing, no one answered. So I called, Tun Razak twice and someone answered. He said the consultation fee itself is RM250 as it is after normal hours. I got shocked. I tried Gasing. After a few calls, someone finally picked up. The consultation is RM200. I was pretty disgusted with the person who answered the phone from Gasing. He was like, "up to u la, up to u la". Anyways, I was worried the funds I got from the donation couldn’t cover everything. Me and my friend were pretty tight. We discussed and at the end we decided to send him, money we talk later. So I called Gasing to make sure there is a vet in, I called A LOT of times, no one answered. The reason we chose Gasing not because the consultation is cheaper or we admire the poor service the guy gave, but its bcos its nearer to us, so even if the little guy gets admitted, its near enough for us to go visit him everyday. Gasing didn’t answer and we didn’t wanna go there and end up there is no vet, so I called Tun Razak and there is a vet there. So we rushed to KL. After checking up, the vet said he has a lot of virus symtoms. Diabetic, anaemia, etc. We did mention about the raw chicken liver, and he said it is not advisable to feed it because it is high in iron that a kitten cannot take. Moreover, because it is raw, there could be parasites. We checked if that is the cause. It’s the cause of speeding things up. The symptoms are all there, it’s just a matter of time.

1st pict: that was the last pict i took on the last day. that was when he went weak drastically. 
the 2nd pict, all curled up ready to sleep... 
the middle pict, with the dust pan : the pict i took on the day i found him. i was sitting in front of the dust pan, and he just walked towards me and curl himself up on my thigh... T.T
the pict with the groomer : he has all these sticky stuffs on all four of his legs and the groomer is nice enough to try to remove them slowly. 
the other 3 picts that looked like he's on my thigh, thats the only way to keep him calm while i was driving alone. 

Well, there is no one to be blamed here. ALL of us did it out of good will. It may not help the little guy, perhaps it did help other kitties before. She may have suggested it, but it was our decision to feed him. So yes, I made the worst decision ever, which is… I decided to feed him the raw chicken liver, given the fact that I know the littlest things about kitties.

3. Ice-Cream is my comfort food.
- After everything, we headed to mcD and I wanted ice cream. Unfortunately, the menu has changed to breakfast menu… so no ice cream. :(

4. Porridge is my comfort food too. :P
- When its gloomy rainy day… yes, weather affects me sometimes. So when its rainy and its cold outside, my best friend is porridge.

5. I was straight and I was bent at the age of 18, and now I go both ways.
- Hehe. I was curious at the age of 18. So I went out and explore. I thought I’m gonna be stuck with just 1 side then. Little did I know, few years later I did hook up with a guy. And well… it didn’t went well. Turns out I am the 3rd party. I am happily attached to my current gf. :D

6. I love seeing colorful stuffs but my wardrobe mostly consist of black and dark blue... and more black...
- perhaps… maybe… I look slimmer in dark colors… that’s why…

7. I won TVs from lucky draws! Twice!
- nyehehe… the first TV I won was a 32” Panasonic Viera. It was from my annual dinner when I was still with Pacnet. That was my very first time winning something from a lucky draw! The second TV was from DiGi. I participated in the World Cup thingie and won a 50” Sharp Aquos.

8. I need to talk to more strangers. Anyone please call me out yum cha...
- well, because I have now changed to a job that needs more interaction… I think I need to talk to more people… to practise… CALL ME YUM CHA PLEASE!!! Hey, here's my number~ this is crazy~ so call me maybe! dont have my number? pm me in fb! kthxbai

9. I learnt how to put on make up from youtube.
- I am not kidding when I am saying this. My youtube sifu is QQ. Well, there are others here and there but mainly is QQ.

10. When I emo, I like to take my car for a spin. Furthest I've been is Cyberjaya.
- nothing beats speeding like a mad cow when I emo. The adrenaline rush just takes away that emo feeling. A lot of people hates Federal highway, but I love federal highway. I may not be a lane cutter pro… but that awesome feeling when u have that one inch only and u made it… phewww… ok… its dangerous. Kids, don’t do this. Oh, I only do this when I'm driving alone, so dont worry about getting in my car ok? *grins

11. Once I was drunk, I left my car keys in my car and went in to my house and sleep straight. No. Noone stole my car. :D
- Hahahahahaha!!! For more details about this, please go here

12. I have a Red Ear Slider with no name.
- there is 1 point of time where me and le gf bought a few RES. It was buy 3 free 1. Unfortunately, all died and left 1. Which is the one im having now. I don’t remember we gave it a name or not. Maybe we did but being me, there was 4… I cant remember which is which and I probably think like… aihyaa~ F it. U r just wugui (turtle). Done.

13. I can’t get enough of shoes and bags… Then again, I think most girls got this issue. Haha~
- even I know when I do not have money to buy them, I just walk in. Carry carry. Try try. And walk out… regretting. T.T When I have my own house, the smallest room will be dedicated to bags and shoes ONLY! I do not have a lot to fill the room now, but I shall fill it when I have that room! *dream big

14. I’m a homey person.
- haha! Yes. I can stay at home and rot. From being randomly, cleaning out my closet for donation to lying in my bed and stare at the ceiling. No, there is no lizards on my ceiling. I just like to stay at home!

15. Fastest I drove was 140km/h…
- Nyehehe… refer point 10.

16. I got a gf whom I am very proud of.
- she was a colleague of mine and we didn’t spoke much until she left the company. Then we decided to meet up and… twinkles…

17. I’m a social smoker since I was 15.
- read, social. I am no chain smoker. I can stop anytime, I just… don’t want to.

18. According to a few people, when I fall asleep, I will sleep in 1 position… and only that position until I wake up…
- ok. I don’t know. This is what im being told. But sometimes, when I wake up… I did realise that… I didn’t move at all??

19. I hate siham.
- yes mr siham. I gave u a lot of chances to try again and again and I still hate you. A lot. Be it the one that is bakar, or the one that is boiled or the one in char kuay teow… everytime I gave u a chance and gave a bite and I spit it out…

20. I blog at www.blurco.com.
- and here u are, reading 20 things about me.

and I am tagging... ash, jessi, nikie.

29 August 2014

Owing people money

I know money is not everything... But... 

Money makes u learn about people. Read that clearly, people. Not friends. 

Once, or perhaps many times. I lend money to some people. The amount is not much, RM50? RM100? RM150? That’s all. Honestly, for me, once the money is handed over to someone, never ever believe when they say “i promise i will pay back when i can”. Cos 99.99999 out of 100 times, it will never happen. Well, to those who paid back. I appreciate it and do not judge them. Mind you, i am no millionaire, but i know how it feels like to have no money for food/rent/loans etc until u need to resort yourself to asking help from people. So i actually tried my very best to squeeze every penny i have to help u. And if that RM50, RM100 or RM150 is able to help ease your situation a little, i am glad. 

So, people owe you money and u dont know how to ask back from them? Why do we need to go through this? The money by right belongs to YOU. Well, i am not saying that u can go “hoi, fucker! Where’s my money! Pay back or i will scratch your car and tell your mother u owe me money! I know where u live you SOB!” im saying that just ask nicely like “hey, im kinda tight this time round and needed the money back, do u think u can pay back some?” Believe me, it is also difficult for me to ask back for money bcos, i know the reason why the person have to ask for loan. So its like, im asking back for money eventho i know u r tight but i have to cos i am damn freaking tight in budget naooo... But sometimes, even by asking nicely... People take things for granted. 

I can totally understand that if you dont wanna hurt the friendship. If you value the friendship more than the money den, good for you. I cant. If that makes me mean, so be it. 

To those who got their money back. Please, at least appreciate it. When they text you and told u that they have returned the money, have the courtesy to check and inform them that the money is in the account already. Please do know that it takes them to brave themselves up and tried their very best to put on few inches thick of their skin to actually open their mouth to ask to pinjam. Probably you will be wondering “why so gan jeong? Bank in d den ok la” Have you ever thought that the system may go malfunction and screw up the transaction? So u checked few days later and the money is in. Thats great! So what if it did screw up? And she paid, she got the receipt/slip. R u gonna demand her to pay again? Or r u gonna just leave it and loss few thousand bucks and say she didnt pay back? She does owe u a ‘ren qing’ but that doesnt mean u can talk to her like shit also. 

And you! You owe the person money. And not just money u r owing. U r owing the person a ‘ren qing’. When someone is asking back for the money, the least you could do is a just reply and tell them why u cant pay back. Not by ignoring. You know, i seriously dont mind if u at least reply me and let me know that you cant pay back at the time being. You are still a friend if u could at least just do that. 

So above the mentioned are all about friends... What about couples? Who already broke up? I know some couples have their expenses set as whats mine is mine and whats yours is yours. Which is good. Unfortunately, some couples actually take things for granted. As convenient as, “baby, can swipe for me first? I will pay back when i get my salary.” or maybe “baby, i wanna go with you, help me buy ticket oso” or “baby, i like this [insert expensive item] and promo is until end of this month but my salary no more d.” Well, things like that la. The amount is of cos, not small when everything is added up. When u r still an item, of cos there is no such thing as debt. Or maybe u can take as long as forever to pay back. Cos at that point of time, u think being together is forever. So, at the end, when things got sour and u guys broke up. And your now ex is asking back for the money that u said u will pay back. Bear in mind, it is only for the amount that u said u will pay back, not the gifts. 

Social media is a wonderful thing. It is very transparent if you are an attention seeker. Posting up every single thing that happened in your life. It is so transparent that when u said u cant pay back, it is truly unbelievable. 

What is the past, let it pass. But what have been said, keep your words. Yes. Words are cheap. In fact, words are free. But sometimes, words are the ones that is most powerful. Hence, verbal warnings, verbal authorizations, verbal agreements etc are able to take into actions. So when u r a couple, and u said u will pay back. Pay back. Eventho u guys broken up. 

To those whom i am indeed owing money, thank u very much. Deep down, i definitely appreciate it and thankful for the utmost understanding and forever in debt. U know who u r.

To those who owes me money? It only takes RM100 deposit for the learning lesson and RM50 to learn that u r cheap. Dirt cheap. 

P/S, someone approached me and wanted to loan some money for health purpose when i was drafting this post. which unfortunately, i cant cos i oso broke nao. to that someone, i hope you dun take this post and relate to your situation, ok? i was drafting this post when this other person doesnt reply me when i asked for money that he owed me gazillion years ago and he ignored me. 

17 August 2014

The Coffee Club @ Subang Parade