Saturday, October 1, 2016


Woke up damn early because I needed to shower and put a sheet mask on as per instructed by the MUA before the MUA arrives. While having the mask on, took the opportunity to sleep a while more. I am still definitely not a morning person. *sighs

Mask on and zzz...

The MUA’s partner came first as she herself was late due to the crazy traffic congestion. Her partner arrived at about 8am, did my mom’s make up and hair first. Then, followed by ahyi. After they are done, they went back to their room to get ready. I think my MUA arrived at about 8:15 - 8:30. She immediately get to my face, plastered my face with few inches of cement and paints, and tamed my horse mane. After I’m done, I just hung around cos it was still quite early. Her partner then did my SIL’s make up and hair and then my MUA did my MIL’s make up and hair. 

They were done pretty early, so we just hang around in the room, watched a little bit of movie, and about 12 noon, we made our move to the ROM office. 

So fat, I had to use the bouquet to cover my fat tummy. Lol… 

We reached ROM office and waited for the photographer to arrive. Even the photographer is late. But we didn’t let that spoil our mood. We took pictures using phones. 

Special day have to selfie a bit. 

When the photographer arrived, we proceed to the garden next to the building to take some shots. He was not bad, can make us laugh very easily. The pictures turned out not bad. Just that both of us looked damn fat in the pictures. My double chin was damn thick! 

Serious face, families from both side.

Hahahaha! Families from both side. 

At about 13:15, we walked back to the building and waited for our names to be called to go in the room. All of us went into the room and the solemnization begins. 

It was a very very fast process. 

We went in, sat down, verify documents, solemniser reads the vow, we say our ‘I do, I will’, exchanged our rings, signed the papers, and off we go out of the room. 

Outside of the room, we took some photos using our phones. The photographer suggested not to take there because the lighting wasn’t that great. So, we went back to the garden. 

That was our photographer. 

After some photographs at the garden, we wrapped it up right before the rain starts! 

We went to Red House Restaurant for our lunch.  

The Menu
Golden Trio Combination

Stewed Whole Abalone and Mushroom with Broccoli

Steamed Soon Hock Fish with Superior Soya Sauce

Pork Ribs with Special Citrus and Crisp Butter Crumb

King Prawns with Sesame Dressing

Crabs in Red House Special Chilli Stew (with deep fried man tou)

And of cos being me, I definitely forgot to take pictures of some other dishes. The dishes of the missing pictures are :-
- Braised Ee-Fu Noodle with Enoki Mushroom and Conpoy
- Chilled Fresh Mango Pomelo with Sago

Everything was so good! Especially the pork ribs! So yummy!

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to rest a while and we headed out to Clarke Quay for a drink. Until about dinner time, we went to Lao Pa Sat for dinner. Met up with Wilson as well. Tracy couldn’t make it. :(

3 tables full of people and food. Everyone was full! 

We went separate ways after dinner. I wanted my mom to experience how is it like to take MRT in Singapore, so we decided to go back to the hotel slowly. 

It was a long day, I couldn’t feel my feet at the end of the day. 

Here it is, I am legally married. 

Last selfie before I remove my cemented face.

We decided not to have any traditional ceremony and banquet. We both just want it simple. It was our plan/dream/ideal wedding. Although I wanted it to be a garden wedding, but they have minimum pax to meet, which is what we don’t want. We only want our closest families to be there to witness our wedding. That’s when we decided to book a room in a restaurant and have close knitted lunch with everyone dearest.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The long lost Michelle

This is getting ridiculous. 

Very very ridiculous. 

2 months with no new blog post!


And it is not like I am damn freaking busy. Haha! 

Ok. Aside from trying to manage 7th Box Co. What’s new? 

I’m legally married. 


I couldn’t believe it myself! Me, Michelle Thong is married!

I think I should blog about it. Soon. Haha!

Found this old selfie. My goodness, my face condition was so so bad! T.T

Friday, July 15, 2016

Releasing WuGui

About a week ago, we went to Thean Hou Temple to release our Red Eared Slider. It grew so big that we do not have any place for it to swim anymore. So, we decided to release it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An angel sent him to me

Recently I thought of Stephanie a lot. She have left us for so long and yet I still remember dearly. I did told Ahbuii about her before.

I was in the midst of cleaning my room and I stumble upon my old biography book. The one where u give your friends to write in it long long time ago. I was flipping through the pages and saw the one she wrote.

I was reading... And I realised...

She had the same birthday as Ahbuii.

Her name is Stephanie.

Ahbuii’s name is Stephen.

How small can the world be?

When I saw it, I just burst out crying. I had no idea why. Tears just start to flowing like waterfall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy Anniversary

7th June marks the date of our anniversary. 
Thank you Ahbuii for being there and support me through my thick and thins. 
Love you. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

7th Box Co

I did it. I finally made the decision to start over. I’ve started so many things before. From paper crafts to Love Misheru, and now, 7BC.

I was having constant panic attacks and migraines, which according to AhBuii, it is probably caused by my subconscious stress. He told me to resign and take a break. And take a break I did. and while taking a break, I knew I can’t take a break all the way. I need to at least start something.

After lots of brainstorming and discussion, we decided to do something that we both like. Creativity and crafts related. I love craft stuffs and recently fell for the planners and journal stuffs, while he likes his figurine customisation stuffs.

7BC is still growing and building its character and image. I’m glad I have support from friends and family, and to make my journey happier, 7BC had its first customer on Shopee. I was mad happy when I saw that order.

I hope 7BC will continue to grow and I will pump in more items I can create and curate.

Meanwhile, please like, follow and support!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

French Toast Cupcakes with Blueberries

The other day I couldn’t sleep whole night. All the way until in the morning when the sky is already bright. It was a Saturday, so I did something that I’ve never done before.

Preparing breakfast...

I wanted to do the usual french toast but there were stuffs on the stove, so I thought of an alternative.