Monday, April 25, 2016

Fong Lye @ Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

My mom have been insisting us to try Fong Lye at Jalan Imbi but we didn’t even think about it because it is all the way in KL. I don’t know about other #AnakSubang, but for me, I definitely try my very best not to go KL.

Coincidently, this time round, I need to take the bus at Times Square because tickets in Subang were all sold out. It was the Public Holiday weekend. So, we decided to have our dinner at Fong Lye.

Now I know why my mom have been insisting so badly for us to eat there.

It was terribly... GOOD!

Let’s start off with this cute set. So cute that I wouldn’t wanna dirty them... *geram

Then, the tea.

To be honest, I don’t know what was ordered and what are they called. So if you wanna order, save the pictures and show them to the waitress and say “NAH, I WAN THIS ONE!”

Anyways, back to the tea. Their tea is very nice. The taste is just nice for me. Very light and yet still have that nice fragrance.

You can never go wrong with the ‘Three Cup Chicken’, 三杯雞 here. Chicken is juicy and tender with the delicious after taste in the mouth. It’s ‘oohh lala~’. Ahbuii almost licked the whole pot clean.

My mom wanted to order the salty shrimp (=.=” I’m really bad with chinese dish names). The waitress suggested to take the Yin Yang Shrimp instead. Can try 2 flavours in a dish. This waitress damn awesome la. Always give awesome suggestions.

The shrimp is very fresh, it bursts in freshness in your mouth and both flavours are equally good.

I’m never a big fan of leeks. Every CNY, there’s definitely stir fry leeks during the reunion dinner. I only take the Siu Yok and never touch the leeks. These leeks changed my taste buds forever. While Ahbuii licks the 三杯雞 pot clean, I licked this plate clean.

Ahma’s favourite dish is yam. So my mom asked for suggestion by the waitress. And boy, she did a good job recommending this. The soft yam literally melts in your mouth. So so soft!

You don’t call a complete chinese dinner without a proper plate of vege.

I don’t know what vege is this but I licked the whole plate clean. Actually, I’m a DBKL la. I sapu everything clean. This vege is stir fried, I think with capers.

Overall meal was a 5/5! If can, I’d give 55555/5! Totally recommended!

The restaurant size is a little small, so it can be a little packed. You can make reservations before hand. If you don’t, do expect to queue outside. My mom is quite close with the waitress so she called her to make reservations and also ordered the dishes in the afternoon.

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