Sunday, November 12, 2017

Letter to my first child...

Dear Little One,

As I am typing this, you are bouncing away in my tummy. As if you are doing somersaults in my tummy. Every time you do that, I find it amusing. At the same time, I feel really relieved that you are growing well.

In about less than a month, we will be welcoming you home. That would be approximately 38 weeks in mama's tummy. As much as I wish to have you in my tummy for full 40 weeks, my health condition doesn't allow that to happen. In case of any complications may arise for both of us. So, as precautions, Dr said we will bring you out at 38 weeks.

There are so many uncertainties and yet so excited to welcome you home.

What type of little girl will you be? Bubbly? Grumpy? Carefree? Stubborn? Whichever type of girl you may be, I hope you will grow up to be a kind person.

How well will you latch? Will my breast milk kick in as soon as you're here? Will I be able to have enough milk for you? How many months till you are able to sit upright? How will you react to solids? Will you love eating as much as mama and papa do? Whatever it is, I hope you grow up well and healthy.

I wonder what type of mama am I gonna be? Paranoid? Chillax? Strict? I really have no idea. All I know is, you will be well loved by all of us as we are all very anticipated for your arrival.

Whatever may come in your growing years, do know that no matter how bad the naggings, scoldings and punishments you get from the adults (mostly from mama and papa), they are all to shape you as a better person and to help you better prepare to take on challenges in the future. Things will never be easy and not everything will go your way all the time.

You are not even here yet and I am already nagging away. Haha...

Grow well, little one. We will see you very very soon.

Till then...


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