Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hello Chloe

This was first blogged on Dayre platform. Since they've announced they are shutting down Dayre, I thought I should put this down here instead. More pictures and some entry changes here and there. 

Woke up. Shower. Gave the toilet bowl and basin one last scrub because I wanna come back to a clean toilet.

Draw on my hopeful eyebrows. Then I recall, when I first started applying makeup, my most important part are my brows. Even go out mamak yum cha also must fill them brows. Then, I got lazy and no makeup at all for damn long until my mom also say me why I so lazy liao. Now, besides going to the neighborhood restaurant or mall, I must put on my brows. So, my brows game is back!

Blow-dry my hair. Because I don't know when will it be the next time I can blow my hair and have presentable let down hair.

Heck, I even apply sheet mask last nite cos I don't know when will I ever have time for one next time. Maybe I can but I will probably doze off and it is actually not good to doze off with the sheet mask on.

Pack a few kinds of stuff to complete the packing den went down to have my breakfast with ahbuii and MIL. While we were eating, the delivery suite called to inform they're tight so advice us to go after 2pm instead.

After breakfast, we went back home and slept.

Downed a bottle of essence of chicken. Booked a cab and made our move to the hospital!

Arrived at the hospital but no space. Which I expected since they called this morning. So, waited for a 4 bedder room to be prepared.

Hooked on the CTG machine to monitor baby. The gynae pushed her finger in to check my cervix, it was so deep and so painful. The gynae then put in the tablet to soften the cervix. And the waiting game starts...

Removed me from the CTG machine and waited for dinner to be served, which is 6pm. Ahbuii went down to meet his mom for dinner cos she purposely came to pass him my Malaysia IC and passport. But silly us, my insulin was with him so by the time dinner is served, I can't eat until he comes back. He then came back, I took my insulin then my dinner.

Sad looking dinner. But I was too hungry to complain. The soup was nice tho. And of cos the orange too.

Finally in the single room! Really like check in hotel like that! Hahahaha!!! And no, still no contraction.

Expecting something here? Sadly. Nothing yet. Hahaha... Since 6.30pm just hang around in the room. Took my blood glucose reading at 7.30pm and 8.30pm, took blood pressure reading and checked baby's heartbeat at 10.30pm. All is good. The delivery suite is still full. C'mon babies, come out and give your mommies a break! Gambateh!

Made our move to the delivery suite! Yasss! I'm being hooked on the CTG machine again to monitor for 30 mins. It's actually very soothing to hear her heartbeat.  Can fall asleep wan lor.

The MO came in, stuffed her finger in me and checked my dilation. Damn pain... But dilate 2cm alre! Popped another tablet in my vjj and wait again. Since it's 2cm alre. Not long later, the contractions slowly came. I asked ahbuii to help me time. Whenever I tell him pain, he will take note. So it was about 3-5 mins gap by 2am. Because I have hypertension, they kept monitoring my blood pressure. It was roof high. There was once it hit 180++/xxx.

Although the contractions were still bearable at that point, but I worry more on my blood pressure. So I had no choice but to resort to pain relief.

At first, the MO suggested the one that jabs at the thigh, which lasts for 2 hours. I'm only 3cm dilated by then and she said average 1 cm is 1 hour. So I have 7 more hours to go. I asked for epidural straight. She refused but I think the nurse or the MO checked with my gynae instead and my gynae recommended to give me epidural.

Lim bu pain like hell, u still wanna argue with me which pain relief to take. Some more oni 2 hours... U wanna earn more money issit?!

It was a night with many mommies giving birth. I was in Q at #3. Then, at one point, a nurse came in and somehow tricked me into saying yes to laughing gas. Laughing gas sucks. It doesn't work a single bit. Do not waste time, effort and money on that rubbish.

At the end, still manage to cheat some bucks out of us. Hahaha...

A nurse or Dr came to give me drips to hydrate me in order to prepare me for epidural.
Then, the epidural anesthetist came to administer the epidural. Before he proceeds, he explained every detail on the side effects and other stuff which I already know. And towards the end, he mentioned if the epidural still makes me in pain, they will put other drugs (or something like that) and he asked if I want him to explain more on the drugs. I said... "noooo noooo..."  the nurse and Dr laughed. 😕

Epidural is one of the things I read a lot about cos I was contemplating if I should get epidural or not. And I know some people vomit when they took epidural. The thought about vomit turns me off and I didn't want any pain relief.

He also told me that I have to stay very still. Even the contractions coming, I cannot move a single bit. It takes about 20 mins to administer, end to end. Imagine how many contractions in 20 mins I have to stay still.

After one contraction over, the nurse quickly helped me up and let me hug a pillow to bend forward. I can hear the anaesthetist was very quick preparing his stuffs too. Ahbuii was standing in front of me and I was grabbing his poor hand. Poor hand because I felt like I was crushing his finger bones. Every contractions came while the anaesthetist do his thing, I squeezed ahbuii's hand so that I can stay very very still.

Then, its done. He gave me a remote to release a small dose myself if I feel I need more to drown the pain. However, it will take 20 mins to take effect and I only can press once in that 20 mins, even I keep pressing 100 times in that 20 mins, it will only release that small dosage once. The nurse mentioned the other patient pressed 36 times. Lol. I ended up pressing 14 times. But only very few successful ones.

The MO came in to check on my dilation. Dilated 4cm. She asked me if I wanna break the water bag to speed up the dilation. I asked her to proceed.

Epidural was awesome. I didn't get any of the side effects like vomiting or headache etc. I can get some sleep! But I did shiver like mad though. All the previous contractions was taxing and I just straight dosed off. Ahbuii got some rest as well. My blood pressure dropped to slightly on the high side. I had a good sleep after going through those contractions with many tubes and wires around me.

My gynae came and checked on me and my vjj. She went out, and came again, lift one of my legs up and asked me try to push. Then she said, ok. U can push now.

She got the nurses to prepare everything. And in just split seconds... There I was... Pushing with the nurses around... I was still hooked on the epidural, so I can't feel any single shit. I don't even know I was pushing or not. Ahbuii was helping to hold my back cos when pushing, you have to be curled up like a shrimp.

Half way pushing, my gynae came back in and get down to business. Snipped a little and a few more pushes. The last few pushes, my gynae was encouraging very strongly to push harder. After baby is out, she said baby's heart rate was dropping, that's why she made me push harder towards at the end. Ahbuii get to cut the umbilical cord.

Had skin to skin with baby.

Oh. The tiny 2.6kg can cry damn loud...

While catching my breath, my gynae was stitching me up. Ahbuii was walking up and down see me and see baby. Smiling until cannot see eyes.

After all the pushes, I was damn tired. I have never catch my breath like this before.

Then the nurses prepared me to be sent to our room.

Our first child, Chloe Ng.

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