Monday, August 21, 2017

Finally chopped my hair!

After much contemplating, I decided to have my hair chopped.

My hair was so long, I was getting frustrated managing it. I used to rebond my hair at least once a year. However, in recent years I noticed my hair is thinning. So, I stopped doing any chemical shit on my hair and let it be.

I decided to have my hair cut cos, as I’ve said it, it is frustrating. Another reason was, to prepare myself for confinement. If I got frustrated because of my hair during confinement, I probably will use Ahbuii’s shaver and shave my hair bald.

On one fine day, me and Ahbuii walked over to a neighborhood salon. There’s a salon and a barber that Ahbuii frequent to. We decided to have our haircuts since it was time to get his routine hair cut. We parted ways at first. He went to his barber, I went to this salon, for the very first time. I sat in Q, and to my surprise, I saw ahbuii sitting outside. His barber had a really long Q and he refused to wait.

There were 2 guys in front of me and stylists there cut quite fast. Very soon, it was my turn.

I just told the stylist, “short, just nice can tie up” and he went for it. The cut was damn fast! It was less than 15 mins!!! Usually when I get my hair cut in KL, they have the usual. Hair wash, cut, blow dry… etc. But, I only want a cut. So a cut it is, no hair wash, no blow dry. I LIKE IT! Fast and direct! No time wasted. The best part, it was only $7. Cheaper than Ahbuii's hair cut. Hahaha!

I’m beginning to sound like an auntie, am I right?

More than 2 years in Singapore, this is the first time I have my hair cut here. Lol…

Do I like my new hair? Well, it’s frizzy with screwed up color. So, no. I still hate my frizzy hair. But it is much much more manageable compared to when it was long. When it was long, I need forever to blow and iron to style it. Now, I don’t have to use forever to style! Still a WIN situation! :D

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