Saturday, July 22, 2017

DIY Passport Sized TN Fauxdori

Finally a blog post that is not related to the baby. But the next one is. Haha…

I’ve been wanting to jump on the Traveler’s Notebook bandwagon for the longest time, but it is so expensive! Then, I saw the1992version has rejected stocks on sale! There’s lines and what not on the leather but it doesn’t matter! So, that day I bought the regular size and have it sent to Lynn’s place. I have a few things being help captive by her now. Haha… Can’t wait for her to send all of it to Singapore! Then, maybe I'll do unboxing post/video?

So, I bought the regular sized TN. While the regular sized I will be using mainly as journalling, my butt itchy! I wanna try the passport sized as well, cos the second batch on sale was the passport sized. I missed it by one tiny bit! Someone bought the last one, and no, I won’t buy Midori’s TN cos it’s expensive and I don’t know if I will like the system or not.

So, how?

I made one. Ngehehe…

So, I thought to myself. I'll make one myself and if I really like it, then I will get my first ever Midori TN.

Lynn gave me some faux leather when I was back in KL previously. So, I get to work and this is the end result.

The front, looks like any TN.

The inside! I was thinking to use the passport TN as wallet as well, so I sew some thick elastic on it to put cards. I used the elastics instead cos I then will be able to put a few cards in 1 slot.

First insert.

Oh, all the inserts are all DIY’ed by myself.

First insert consists of monthly view starting from August 2017. Then, followed by weekly view. I’ve also made inserts for year 2018 the same way. Quarterly. Means, I have 3 more DIY inserts laying around.

2nd insert is my brain dump insert. Basically, whatever ideas I see or come across my brain, will be dumped in here. It will then be transferred properly to another notebook which consists of ideas. Which… mostly have yet to be executed. Hehe… *hides

Test test…

Lastly, the sketch and doodle insert. Made from sketch papers. I don’t sketch or doodle much. So, I just made 1 and see if I will use it.

The last part of the TN, I sewed on the thick elastic as well to place some notes and some sample washi tapes.

So far, I like how it turned out. Not sure if I will be liking it yet. We shall see after about a month or so. :D

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