Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baby Haul Part 1

Last month we went back KL and of cos, we need to buy some stuffs for the baby. And because the baby was shy and didn’t wanna show the gender, we need to go neutral first. Here are some items that we already bought. I didn’t dare to go crazy cos we didn’t know the gender yet.

Actually, I bought these without any direction. I do have a list of 'To Buys', but... I just felt a bit lost. First-time-mom lost. T.T

Heard a lot of pros and cons about this pillow, but I just got it and see if it helps.



This glass bottle, we debated and argued. Lol… I prefer glass bottle cos of hygiene but he is more concern on the baby throwing the bottle causing chipped glass and it will be dangerous for the baby. But we shall see. I intend to make a sleeve for it.

Nursing bra. I’m not sure how frequent I’m gonna change bra. Probably very frequent cos I guess breast milk leaks?

I wanted to go economical way by using washable diapers, ahbuii prefer to go the easy way using disposables cos he didn’t want me to do all the work and he oso don’t wanna mafan do the work. So, I just bought one to test it out.

BIL has some baby items to loan. So, one of it is the milk pump. Here are some of the accessories needed.

Some hankies. I know not enough and I know no matter how much we buy it will never be enough cos it is damn useful.

Now… onto the cutest part of baby items… clothes!

So small and tiny! I cannot!! I bought for new borns, so small and my mom said too small! Haih…

This piggie so cute! Peek-a-boo! When I picked this, I didn't know the back was "-a-boo" until I was taking pictures for this haul post. Lol...




Some free socks from buying my maternity clothes online.

So far, I think that’s all I have for baby. Will definitely put up part 2 when I get more. :D

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