Friday, June 23, 2017

The reveal + Mom's Birthday

After finding out I am pregnant, of cos the next would be revealing to the family members.

Once I went and test using the 3rd test kit, ahbuii inform his mom I might be pregnant but not confirm. Well, the line was fainted and we are just not sure. Until the very next day, we tested using the Clearblue, then we are more sure about it and that’s when I texted my mom about it.

Slowly, I reached out to some friends to ask about some stuffs and some friends knew about it too but kept it hush hush...

That was when I’m still in Singapore and still within the 1st trimester.

Entering the 2nd trimester, ahbuii kept asking me if he can announce alre or not. I kept saying no! Hahaha! Cos I’ve planned on revealing to my family first when I am back to KL, which was during the early 2nd trimester.

First up, Shia Lynn and Justin.

The thing about Lynn sometimes is that, she scares me. Few months back when we first found out, she asked me if I am pregnant cos she had a dream that I am. She is always freaking accurate! I’ve planned for the surprise and then she asked me this. So, I had to say no! Moreover, it was not over the 1st trimester yet.

Their wedding will be in November, which I will be too round to waddle. I’ve made a miniature display with a wedding theme and also a card to gift it to them. There’s a normal congratulatory card and I also slipped in an additional card stating that we won’t be able to make it with baby’s photo.

Handmade card. 

I was contemplating if I should pass it to them in the car (they picked us up from the bus stop) or during lunch. We decided to pass it in the car so that our conversation will be smoother and we won’t need to hold back so much and end up bursting the surprise.

So, I passed to her once we got in the car.

She wanted to put aside and I kept asking her to open them. She opened the gift first. She liked the gift. Then the card next.

The insert.

She opened, read the content while laughing cos she was excited with the miniature, then she went “WAIT WHAT?? Wait, I read again!”


The content.

Then I told her to open the flip which reveals the photo of the baby. All that happened in the car. Lol…

Obligatory pict of us at a random place cos we always forgot to snap one. My messy hair cos it was tied by ahbuii and he likes it that way... =.="""

After our lunch and did some our craft shopping, we went back to Lynn’s place and Christine came over. Lynn was excited and she was like “TELL TELL!” lol! So, I told Christine I’m pregnant.

Next up, family.

First, ahma.

After dinner with Lynn and Justin, they sent us home. Once I got home, I took the baby photo out, went over to my grandma and gave her the photo. Took her hand and placed at my tummy. Her face just lit up. From then, she kept telling me “Don’t knock things. Don’t keep rubbing the belly” etc…

* Warning. Loud excited scream by my aunt.

The main reason going back to KL was because it was my mom’s birthday. We’ve planned for a small cosy dinner and I’ve ordered some cupcakes.

Thanks to Neng Keong’s recommendation, we ended up with Iberico at Oasis Damansara and thanks to Agnes, I manage to order cute cupcakes.

I went there earlier before the dinner time to recce a bit and then let them know how and where my grandma can access the restaurant. I like the restaurant has a divider and we have our own private space. Initially the side door, which was the door to our table was locked. When I asked if the door can be unlocked, at first they said they can’t. I explained that it would be easier for my grandma to come in. Immediately they went searching for the key and told me hopefully they can find the key. It has 2 glass doors and he managed to find 1 and unlocked it! Awesome service!

Our table. 

I also manage to ‘chop’ a parking space so that my grandma can have easier access and placed the baby themed cupcakes at their seats first.

They slowly arrived and we have my grandma seated.

At first, no reaction on the cupcakes. They thought that would be my mom’s birthday cupcakes and they went “the cupcakes like baby’s wan…”

Baby cupcakes. We tried to scan for the gender but baby doesn't wanna open the legs. So, we opt for yellow.

Then I went, “actually, the baby cupcakes is from me la… I’m pregnant. :D”

We ordered, ate and stuffed ourselves. It was a great meal!

Towards the end, we took out my mom’s birthday cupcakes, arranged and took some photos, sang birthday songs (yes songs cos we sang multiple languages. Lol!). Everyone was so full, we packed the cupcakes back in the box and brought them home.

Mom's birthday cupcakes. 

Just because my mom is cute here. Lol...

Sho sweeeettt~


After settling the cupcakes, we hang around at the restaurant a while and ahbuii finally posted baby’s photo in insta and fb. Then, our group chat has birthday wishes for my mom and I added “我媽咪生日。她也升級當阿嬤了。” One of my aunt said she banana, dunno how to read. So, I translated “Today is my mom's birthday. She also got promoted to "grandma" status…”

That’s how my whole family knew for my side.

As for ahbuii’s side, in his family group chat, everyone was wishing ‘Happy Father’s Day” in his family group chat. Then he added that he is a papa too! Hahaha!

After the dinner, we went home to freshen up. Me and ahbuii headed out to look for a place to drink. We ended up at The Melb. My mom and uncle joined later on after sending my grandaunt back.

This would be the last and final time going back to KL before delivery. We would need to wait till next year to go back again.

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