Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Do you know how difficult it is to know something and you can’t share it out? And when u feel guilty about not updating the blog but you can’t and don’t know what to update because your life is revolving to that something that you can’t share?

Finally… I can share it now!


Actually, I’ve passed my first trimester weeks ago. By the time you read this, I am at week 16.

By right, we can announce once we passed the first trimester. but I didn’t want to cos I wanna inform my family side when I’m back to KL and I know I will be back some where early of the second trimester. So, now that ahma and ahyi knows. I can type freely!

How we found out
I was late. My periods usually comes on the dot, if not they will be late 2 days max. It was my 3rd day late. So I decided to test it out.

Way before this when I have occasions I was late 2 days, I use to test too. And I bought a few test kits for only 99cents each. Damn cheap.

The very first test kit. 

It was in the afternoon before lunch and I decided to test it during shower. I brought the test kit with me, pee on it and it shows 1 line. So I placed it back to the packaging and proceed to shower.

Call it women’s instinct, something was urging me to check it again. After I was done with shower, I took it out and checked again. Additional 1 fainted line. In my heart I was like, “MEANS WHAT?!”

When I went out of the toilet, coincidentally Stephen was there just near the bathroom. I showed him the kit. He looked at me and asked me back “means what??”

The second test kit. 

Since I have a few test kit lying around, I decided to test again at night. Fainted line as well.

The third test kit. I suddenly feel that it is kinda gross to show pee sticks to you people who are reading but just bear with me la, ok? :D 

The very next day, remembering I heard that it is more accurate to use the first pee in the morning (although there is no such thing now), I did just that. The same fainted line appeared. We bought Clearblue to try again the next day.

Next morning, I tried again using the very first pee.

The Clearblue.


What I learned is, never underestimate cheap products. It still delivers results.

Since, it showed positive but I really really wanna try the digital one and hubby wanna see how many months alre before we see the Dr, we bought the digital test kit to test as well.


:D :D :D

I’m currently seeing Obgyn for pregnancy and also Endocrine for diabetes. Follow-ups for both Doctors are once every month for now.

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Unknown said...

congratulations! your baby is probably gonna be super cute and round! hahaha!