Monday, January 16, 2017

Review - BeautyKeeper

I received this box of samples from Beauty Keeper via Sample Store and let me show me what came in the box.

Ethel Citric Acid

Acidic physique is an alert for cancer, and also results in obesity. It is common for workers in Asia (like us in Malaysia and Singapore) to work overtime, resulting in fatigue and low metabolism rate. The Japanese have developed citric acid based on the research on TCA cycle, and it is popular in Europe and Asia.

Ethel Purifies Collagen 100%

Ethel aims to promote skincare and health at the same time by replenishing cartilage cell. It is easy to absorb and dissolves in water almost instantly! Suitable to add in all kinds of beverages.

Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence

I totally love this essence. It smells like there’s a bunch of roses sitting on my face. After applying, it absorbs and leaves my skin soft!

With extracts of aloe and rose essence, Jan Dan Rose Facial Essence activates skin’s natural exfoliation process and replenishes the skin. The organic aloe helps speed skin cell turnover rate, stimulates collagen, also protects skin from external aggression. This product consists of 46% natural ingredients and 54% water.

Head over to Beauty Keeper and get them. They have other products from Taiwan. The Rose Facial Essence is definitely recommended!

* This review is made possible by SampleStore and BeautyKeeper.

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