Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hello Chloe

This was first blogged on Dayre platform. Since they've announced they are shutting down Dayre, I thought I should put this down here instead. More pictures and some entry changes here and there. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Letter to my first child...

Dear Little One,

As I am typing this, you are bouncing away in my tummy. As if you are doing somersaults in my tummy. Every time you do that, I find it amusing. At the same time, I feel really relieved that you are growing well.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Finally chopped my hair!

After much contemplating, I decided to have my hair chopped.

My hair was so long, I was getting frustrated managing it. I used to rebond my hair at least once a year. However, in recent years I noticed my hair is thinning. So, I stopped doing any chemical shit on my hair and let it be.

I decided to have my hair cut cos, as I’ve said it, it is frustrating. Another reason was, to prepare myself for confinement. If I got frustrated because of my hair during confinement, I probably will use Ahbuii’s shaver and shave my hair bald.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Baby update!

The other day, me, Ahbuii and my MIL went to the hospital for a 2nd trimester scan. This 2nd trimester scan is needed because I am high-risk pregnancy.

The scan was good. Baby was about 433g. everything looks normal.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baby Haul Part 1

Last month we went back KL and of cos, we need to buy some stuffs for the baby. And because the baby was shy and didn’t wanna show the gender, we need to go neutral first. Here are some items that we already bought. I didn’t dare to go crazy cos we didn’t know the gender yet.

Actually, I bought these without any direction. I do have a list of 'To Buys', but... I just felt a bit lost. First-time-mom lost. T.T

Saturday, July 22, 2017

DIY Passport Sized TN Fauxdori

Finally a blog post that is not related to the baby. But the next one is. Haha…

I’ve been wanting to jump on the Traveler’s Notebook bandwagon for the longest time, but it is so expensive! Then, I saw the1992version has rejected stocks on sale! There’s lines and what not on the leather but it doesn’t matter! So, that day I bought the regular size and have it sent to Lynn’s place. I have a few things being help captive by her now. Haha… Can’t wait for her to send all of it to Singapore! Then, maybe I'll do unboxing post/video?

So, I bought the regular sized TN. While the regular sized I will be using mainly as journalling, my butt itchy! I wanna try the passport sized as well, cos the second batch on sale was the passport sized. I missed it by one tiny bit! Someone bought the last one, and no, I won’t buy Midori’s TN cos it’s expensive and I don’t know if I will like the system or not.

So, how?

I made one. Ngehehe…

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Old Wives Tale on Baby's Gender

There was twice we went for scanning to try to find out our baby’s gender, but our baby is very very very shy (OSCAR Scan took very long to turn to get a view of the nasal bone). He/she doesn’t wanna open the legs for us to know the gender! So, I found some old wives tale and see how accurate are they.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dr visits and needles

The happy posts are up, now onto a more serious note.

Once we confirmed the pregnancy using the Clearblue test kit, I know my pregnancy journey would not be an easy one.

I have Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The reveal + Mom's Birthday

After finding out I am pregnant, of cos the next would be revealing to the family members.

Once I went and test using the 3rd test kit, ahbuii inform his mom I might be pregnant but not confirm. Well, the line was fainted and we are just not sure. Until the very next day, we tested using the Clearblue, then we are more sure about it and that’s when I texted my mom about it.

Slowly, I reached out to some friends to ask about some stuffs and some friends knew about it too but kept it hush hush...

That was when I’m still in Singapore and still within the 1st trimester.

Entering the 2nd trimester, ahbuii kept asking me if he can announce alre or not. I kept saying no! Hahaha! Cos I’ve planned on revealing to my family first when I am back to KL, which was during the early 2nd trimester.

First up, Shia Lynn and Justin.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Do you know how difficult it is to know something and you can’t share it out? And when u feel guilty about not updating the blog but you can’t and don’t know what to update because your life is revolving to that something that you can’t share?

Finally… I can share it now!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review - BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence Drink

Some time ago, I was provided with a box of 50ml x 12 BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence to try. To be honest, I’ve never tried BRAND’S® before. Not even the frequently talked about BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken.

I got home and started taking them on a Monday. I took twice a day. One when I woke up and another one before I sleep. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Miniature Dollhouse

If you don’t already know, I love miniatures. The board that has most pins in my Pinterest are miniatures. Every time I'm looking for something else on Pinterest, I will always end up looking for miniatures stuff. So cute, I cannot.

Finally, I succumbed to the temptation and bought a miniature dollhouse kit. Oh, the joy of opening it was mad love.

I repainted the furniture.

I was too anxious to complete the whole thing.  I ended up didn’t take any pictures of the process.

Here’s the result! With lights!

Miniature slippers.

Mini book and apples.

A tissue box that has a real tissue.

Sofa with lots of cushions, just how I like my sofa. Lots of cushions.

Books neatly arranged. Some decorations using beads. Got phone some more, don’t play play.

More decorations with lavender.

I saved a lot of flowers from the flower crown workshop so I used it to made this!



Flowers do brighten up a room nicely.

I made a few adjustments myself,

  • There should be a wall light but I removed it cos I didn’t like it. 
  • I removed the carpet cos I find it very fake. It was a piece of glossy paper. I was thinking to add my own cloth as carpet later on. 
  • A few photos for the wall but I didn’t put them in, I was thinking to put other pictures instead. 
  • A few cylinder boxes, who puts cylinder boxes in the living room out of nowhere? 
  • Another pair of slippers, cos I lazy to make another pair. 
  • Added real flower. 
  • Added more cushions. 

I love the overall process. When all the tiny pieces of decorations and furniture completed, decorating and placing the items accordingly was satisfying.

I’m gonna buy MORE and make MORE! Or maybe build one myself without the kit. YAAASSS~

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bus chasing team

Chinese New Year passed and now only I wanna blog about it. I am such a disciplined blogger. 

We planned to go back to KL on 26th till 31st January and I manage to buy the First Coach tickets 1 month before that at 5am to avoid the website congested. 

On 26th itself, we woke up very early and got out of the house early. It was about 6:35am when we left our house. Once the cab hit the expressway, the traffic was crazy. We were thinking it was only because of the rain. When we switched on our Waze, it was accidents everywhere. To our horror, the ETA stated on was 7:46am. Being so jammed, we knew the ETA will be dragged later and later. We called the First Coach office and being advised that they only can wait 5 minutes. 

By the time we arrived Star Vista, it was already 7:56am. We were not the only one missing the bus. Another 2 girls arrived the same time as we did. The First Coach person told us that the bus just left. 4 of us discussed and decided to share a cab to Tuas to chase the bus. 

We got a cab pretty quick and we chased. While chasing, I updated my FB status. “Pray for us. We are on fast and furious mission to catch the bus”. When we arrived, the girl paid in cash and we exchanged numbers so that we can transfer the share to her. I saved her as “missed bus girl” cos I didn’t get her name. Hehe...

When we tried to walk in, we were being stopped by the officer. Of cos, why not right? So, we explained the situation to him. He communicated with someone, I’m guessing his superior. Numerous times, he said he cannot let us in. Tuas Checkpoint does not allow walk-ins. Sighs...

Someone else came out and talked to us. He gave us a few suggestions and all of it are mission impossibles. Me and ahbuii decided to head home, while the 2 girls took up the mission impossible. Respect!

We took another cab back home (it was a cab day or what?), then I received FB notification. It was Suyin. She said she is going back in the afternoon with her hubby and that is the back up plan if we really missed the bus. I was damn touched la! Damn relieved…

We placed our luggage at home and went down to grab breakfast. We were famished! We went back home and rest. Missed-bus-girl whatsapp’ed me introducing herself and called our little adventure “bus chasing team” Lol… She advised how much was the fare and her account number. She and another girl managed to go back KL. Yay!!!

We left the house and went to the place we agreed to meet up. We finally left Singapore at about 3pm. The journey was with bad traffic jam, slow moving traffic and mad smooth speedable traffic. 

We arrived home at about 8pm. While Suyin and her hubby head for dinner with her family, me and my hubby took the car out and had bak kut teh. It was raining and bak kut teh is just damn good to have when raining. 

I think next time we have to leave the house at 6am instead. T.T