Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Old House

The adults decided to sell off this old house that is filled with memories.

Capturing last few moments before it was handed over to the new owner. 

The entrance we are so familiar with every Chinese New Year.

This side of the porch used to parked the legendary Peugeot 404.

This was just an empty space for any visitor to park. Visitor parking. Lol...It didn't have the bricks last time. The bricks was placed just recent years. 

That wooden table was a place my granduncle work on his carpentry stuffs. 

Behind that door was my late great grandma's room. 

The now emptied living room.

We used to hang a lot here during many CNYs. Played many games of Blackjack. Until my late great grandma left us, almost everyone just stopped gathering during CNY. One of the adults told me before, "tai ma not around anymore, there is no need to go every CNY anymore". It got me wondered, do we really need a reason for families to gather together?? 

Nevertheless, we still visit during CNYs. TaiMa not here anymore but grandaunts and granduncles are still around.

Come to think of it, it didn't have the sink back then to wash stuffs. We used to placed all dirty dishes in a bucket and wash like that. Like how restaurants wash their dishes.  

The dining table we had many feasts here. 

This is antique! 

That small room there, is a toilet. 

Like this. We shit, pee and showered here. How we shit? On the floor la! Hahahaa! Then use water to wash it away. Shower with that water was DAMN COLD OK! 

Granduncle and his wifey. Mom and ahyi. 

With Ahma!

Beh tahan my ahma here. So cute!

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