Thursday, November 3, 2016

Floral Crown Workshop

Updating the blog has now becoming a monthly agenda. Which, I am feeling guilty about. I think I better set a schedule for blogging as well. Hopefully, that would work. 

Some time in August, I’ve attended my first ever workshop at TAC Studio. Yes, that's few months ago. That’s how outdated my blog is. T.T But they have up to date workshops schedule! Follow their FB page to stay updated. 

Anyways, the workshop I attended was Floral Crown Making by Zen. Check out Hanaya by Zen. Her bouquets and creations are so pretty! 

I arrived a little early, so I went snapping pictures around. 

Lynn from TAC prepared some freebies! Besides freebies, there’s tea and some snacks too. Yumss. The bouquet is actually dried statice and caspia. They dry so beautifully!

The studio looks awesome, right? Guess what. This studio is actually located in a condominium. Imagine how homey it feels to attend workshops here. 


The workshop has all materials provided, flowers and tools, refreshments, great company, homey space, craft goals eye candy studio, chalkboard background for selfies, natural light for photos, etc etc. 

Dried statice and caspia. So pretty!!!

The flowers that we were using were statice and caspia. She said these flowers even when they’ve wilted, they still have colors. True enough, after months from the class, my crown is still hanging looking pretty in Subang. 

I think it was pretty easy for me. Maybe because I am naturally a crafty person *ahems *proud *LCLY

Actually, Zen was very patient with everyone and her instructions were very clear. That’s why it was easy for me. If she didn’t explain so clearly, I probably end up making the crown like headless chicken. Imagine headless chicken with floral crown. Heh…

At one point, my flowers were so botak, she suggested I can add more caspia. 

I enjoyed the workshop very much! I would join more workshops at TAC Studios but I am at the land down under. Singapore. The workshops in Singapore are so much more expensive. *sobs

Check out the link below for more info!

Hanaya by Zen :

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