Tuesday, May 31, 2016

7th Box Co

I did it. I finally made the decision to start over. I’ve started so many things before. From paper crafts to Love Misheru, and now, 7BC.

I was having constant panic attacks and migraines, which according to AhBuii, it is probably caused by my subconscious stress. He told me to resign and take a break. And take a break I did. and while taking a break, I knew I can’t take a break all the way. I need to at least start something.

After lots of brainstorming and discussion, we decided to do something that we both like. Creativity and crafts related. I love craft stuffs and recently fell for the planners and journal stuffs, while he likes his figurine customisation stuffs.

7BC is still growing and building its character and image. I’m glad I have support from friends and family, and to make my journey happier, 7BC had its first customer on Shopee. I was mad happy when I saw that order.

I hope 7BC will continue to grow and I will pump in more items I can create and curate.

Meanwhile, please like, follow and support!

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