Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What we did on Saturday?

We made TOM YUM!

Both me and AhBuii have been craving for tom yum for the past week. So, I told him why not we just cook it ourselves?

So, I met him when he finished work at the nearest supermarket. Bought the ingredients we need and we cooked them on the Saturday.

Half way cooking, it rained heavily! Just nice!

We actually bought the Tom Yum paste just in case if it turned out bad. Surprisingly, it turned out nice and at the end we didn’t add any paste at all!

The video is for fun purpose only. I added more ingredients when I wasn’t filming.

So, basically I used...

5 stalks of lemongrass
10 slices of galangal
8 kaffir leaves
5 Thai Chilis
6 limes
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp fish sauce
5 tomatoes
Chicken stock
Water (adjust to your own preference)
Oyster Mushrooms

Here’s what we did...

- Remove shrimp’s shell and head.
- cut tomatoes
- cut chicken
- cut both ends of lemongrass, whack it to bring out the flavour, cut half
- tear the kaffir leaves, whack it a little
- slice galangal
- whack the thai chillis
- squeeze out the lime juice all you can

Cooking time!
- Fry the shrimp’s shell and head
- Add chicken stock and water
- Add lemongrass + lime leaves + galangal + chilis
- Let it simmer
- Add tomatoes (we like the tomatoes soft. If can add it towards the end if you don’t like it soft)
- Taste and adjust to your liking. Remember, at this point you won’t taste the sourness because lime juice is not in yet.
- Add chicken
- Add shrimp
- Let it boil
- Once shrimp is cooked turn off the heat!
- Add lime juice and fish sauce. Lime juice must be added when the heat is off, or else it will have some bitterness in it.

Surprisingly easy to make! Almost like a dump all in and let it boil, but with some little steps.

Good Luck and enjoy!

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