Wednesday, April 27, 2016


It suddenly struck my mind that I am already in SG for slightly more than a year!

I SURVIVED and I have a lot of people to be thankful for helping me surviving...

I was doing some spring cleaning on my HDD and I came across some pictures I took and it reminds me of so many of my ‘First times’…

Let’s start from the very beginning...

The very first time renting a room from a stranger and living in it alone. 

All these while, I did occasionally move out from my own home. But all that I was staying with people that I already know. This time round, I stayed with a complete stranger. My landlord was an old lady. Around my ahma’s age. The rental was SGD600. Inclusive utilities. No cooking allowed. Air Cond only allowed to switch on from 9pm to 7am. No guests allowed. Not even my own family. Not even my own mother.

While the beginning was OK, then one day... I was washing my hands in the kitchen. Next thing I know, she gave me a bottle of hand wash and ask me next time wanna wash hand, wash in the toilet. The kitchen is to wash food stuffs... =.=”

As I begin to go back more and more seldom cos I sometimes go JB and I sometimes go Ahbui’s place. I think I do go back about... 2 to 3 nights a week? She kept asking me when I wanna move out. I still do pay my rents, didn’t use any electricity and water when I’m not around. Even clothes I wash at the near by DIY laundry shop cos I can dump my clothes in the dryer.

Random, I just had to show this since it is related to the room. I had this almost everynight because I love hiding in the room and watch all the drama’s downloaded back in KL. Typical introvert. :D

So, after some discussions and permission from Ahbuii’s mom, I informed the landlord and I packed.

The first time packing alone.  

I admit. I am the most spoilt brat you’ll ever know. Even moving to SG, my aunt and mom packed for me. Mostly my aunt. I’m bad at packing. I don’t know how to stuff things. I don’t know how to save space to pack more. When I was in the middle of the room, I looked around and I feel like crying.

No guests allowed. So I die die need to pack all by myself. And I did. Since I am bringing everything out again when I reach Ahbuii’s place... I just dump everything in anything.

Done with my rental story. Now to randoms...

The first time doing rebonding in SG. 

This is a picture of the salon’s ceiling.

When I was in training, my then colleague was looking through Groupon during our break time. She asked me if I wanna do rebonding. I think she noticed my hair grew and the frizz was beyond in my control. I think it was at SGD30? Best SGD30 I spent with my first salary.

The first time using Ez-Link

YAA! I very suah ku! So suah ku that I tried to enter the bus using the back door and turns out I cannot scan at the back door. Damn malu! Hahaha!!!

The first time resigning from a job in SG

Yep. Not even a year with DHL, I resigned. What happened to me in PayPal, happened to me again here. So, I decided to quit. And luckily, Ahbuii was very supportive. Was and still is.

The first time baking cookies! 

Healthy cookies some more! Using oats!

The first time trying Llao Llao

Ever since then, everytime I pass by the shop... I will bug Ahbuii.

The first time putting up the Xmas Tree

It is a small one because ever since I moved in, the space is quite limited.

The first time eating Tang Yuan in SG

Every time I see this picture, I feel like crying. I finally know how it feels being homesick. Every year, we would sit around the table to help ahma roll the tang yuan. I would make all sort of weird shapes. Square, hearts etc...

Some of my other Singapore firsts are here as well.

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