Friday, April 22, 2016

Bornga Korean BBQ @ City Square Mall, Johor Bahru

I was in JB running my errands and we decided to have lunch there...

and we had...

Bornga Korean BBQ!

Waiting patiently for food to come... :D

The fiery charcoal.

We were so excited when this slab of meat arrive. After it was being BBQ, the taste... OH MY GOD! We ordered another flavour tho but this one is the bomb! It's the one marinated with soy sauce.

The variety of dishes. The one at the top left was my favourite. I don't like the usual kimchi cos I don't like the taste. Maybe it is because I didn't like the raw cabbage taste. But! I don't know why I like that one! I think it's radish? It was so good we refilled another one which was more than this... and I finished them all. ALONE!

This whole row of lettuce was all gone by the time we were done. :D

We also ordered hot pot. The soup is nice!

Stuffs for the hot pot. Nothing to shout about. But the noodle that comes with the hotpot is very nice! The texture of the noodle is damn good.

Overall, I would rate 3.5/5 for this restaurant. Kinda pricey. Food was good but the staffs lack to smiles and they didn't come back with the dish refills until I reminded them the 3rd time. I would still come back tho, cos there's a few other premium meats I wanna try.

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