Sunday, March 13, 2016

Some Chinese Restaurant Which I Forgotten its Name

Super delayed post which was suppose to be on CNY. Haha! 

I was back to Msia before the CNY but just nice the restaurants was already serving Yu Sang. So, took that opportunity to 'Lou' with my family before I head back to Sg. 

The place we went to is located at Petaling Jaya. I forgot to get the namecard so I have no idea what is the address and I also tried to search what restaurant it is but apparently, I forgot the name as well. 

I should dayre more to jot down every single shit that is happening in my life to avoid such thing happen again... 

When we arrived, it was crowded and no one is free to even entertain us. There's this head waitress, I was standing in front of her, she looked at me like I'm some weird ass, and go back to her work. 

A head waiter attended to us and got us our table and took our orders. We didn't know what is special there. So, he recommended. 


Yu Sang!

Prep prep~

I'm not gonna label these cos I am never good in Chinese menu naming. If you wanna eat, just show them the picture.

Usually, I don't take brinjal but this one. I take, I eat and I take again!

The soup tho... nothing to shout about. 

The steamed fish was damn fresh!

The moon on the night was very beautiful. Full round moon.

The next round heading back to Msia will be end of March!

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