Sunday, March 20, 2016

Loading Bay @ Viva Business Park

There's this cafe called Loading Bay near my office. Which I thought I would frequently visit since I started working there, but so far, I haven't step foot in it. I only went there once with AhBuii when I needed to get my work pass.

I would never believe that there's such a cosy cafe situated at the carpark basement.

Once you come in and this is what you'll see.

You are about to enter a very cosy bistro.

While the environment is awesome, the drinks and food is great too.

This is what we've ordered.

Earl grey tea.

Egg mayo sandwich. Very fresh!

Banana loaf. Very nice. Not too sweet.

Flat white. While it is not instagram worthy, it is definitely worthy for my taste.

Then, we wanted to hang around longer, we ordered fries.

I haven't tried their main course yet. Maybe I should one day.

Loading Bay The Bistro
750D Chai Chee Road
#01-02 Viva Business Park
Singapore 469004

Tel: 6449 6808

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri : 8am – 8pm
Sat : 8am – 2pm
Sun : Private Party Reservation

Email to enquire for reservation of your private party.

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