Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Temporary Tai Tai Life

I have resigned and currently just staying at home and rot away. I am waiting for a new job to start in Feb tho. Don't know if I did the right choice for accepting this job tho. It's quite... far... about 1 and half hrs to 2 hrs plus minus? I guess the only way to know is when I start hitting the floor.

I definitely made the right choice by resigning and I shall not mention them here. :)

Besides work stuffs, I am also in the midst of preparing for my wedding. No, he didnt propose. We just start talking about it and one thing lead to another and for all you know it, we picked the date.

It's gonna be a really small cosy wedding consist only family members. At the moment we are still working on the budget. Since I am currently not working, I am making good use of my temporary taitai time. Been doing lotsa researching. Pinterest and Google are my current best friends. Gonna go recce a place this Thursday and hopefully to fit in fitting for ROM dress in my schedule. Oh! Photoshoot will be in TAIWAN! OMG I CANT WAIT!

Why all the research now? When issit? It's end of 3rd quarter of 2017. Why so soon!? Siao ah!? Actually, no leh. I really wanna plan as much as possible before I start work. I approached a MUA and she said booking is only 1 yr in advance. I was like, wtf. People getting married happy happy ganjeong ma. Wanna enquire and book early ma. It's ok! I find someone else.

Initially I wanted to get a friend of mine to be my MUA in Singapore, but we think left think right, cannot meet the budget. :(

So far I've blasted out emails to any possible venue as I can to see anywhere that fits my budget. Also blasted out small amount to MUAs that I like. Blasted out for gown rentals.

Next research will be for Malaysia side.

Seriously, for a wedding I like, Singapore has more venue like that. Malaysia is like... meh. :( I did sent out few emails for Malaysia side. ALL NO REPLY! 'yet' maybe. Singapore replied! At about 7pm some more! No need fang gong?

So many things to look into. I actually consider what I need to plan is very minimal d, cos I dont need a wedding banquet. No pick the bride thingie so no bridesmaid etc... I alre so all over the place. I really salute and respect those who planned EVERYTHING!

Anyways, 4am liao.

Gonna go grab some sleep and continue tomorrow. 

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