Thursday, January 21, 2016

Screwed up timing and food

Every single time when I am not working, be it my off days or when I am jobless, my timing will definitely go hay wired. I like to do things at night. When it is quiet and cooling. It is so peaceful at night. Is there any job that works at night and doesn't fuck around your health?

It's 2:30am as I am typing this. 

February is drawing near. Meaning, work is starting soon. I need to get up at least by 5:30am every morning. 

I am so screwed. 

I've talked about this in Dayre but I'm gonna just jot it here as well. 

I'm officially discharged from the hospital! 

Meaning, I don't have to go back to the hospital for follow ups anymore! No more needle poking and no more urine test. I only need to go Polyclinics for follow ups and to get my medications. 

I just realised I haven't been blogging about any food in Singapore. You see, in Singapore, I need to walk a lot. I rely on public transport. In my bag, I got umbrella oso. To bring additional point-and-shoot camera is a burden. My bag is heavy! 

Ok la, I did snap some pictures of some restaurants and cafes. I admit, I'm just lazy to blog. 

Since I'm gonna type aimlessly, I shall put up some pictures from my instagram. Food pictures, to be specific. And also because, I'm hungry. 

My aunt travels to Sarawak often and she bought some Sarawak Laksa paste for me. I haven't been to Sarawak before, but this paste... Oh My God... I wanted to have the whole pot of soup that was meant for 4 people to myself. It was damn good. 

I did not bake these when I was having my Temporary Tai Tai Time. It was one of the weekends that I decided to sweat in the kitchen. The result was... not bad. Edible la. No cookies were wasted. :P

There is this building, it's Breadtalk's HQ and they have this ice cream shop in that building. So far I've tried Matcha and Dark Chocolate. They are so creamy! So soft! And not that sweet! I especially love the Dark Chocolate. You can taste the bitterness and a tad wee bit of sweetness. Just like life, full of bitter sweets. 

An attempt to eat clean, which I've failed. Miserably.

Home cooked Japanese curry udon. Not by me. By thebf. Ahh~ I miss this now. I shall request for this soon. 

Mee sua. I hated mee sua when I was young. I hated the slimy feeling of the it. Until my dad came back and cooked his version of mee sua with soup. My dad is awesome at cooking. The women in my family (namely me, my mom and my aunt) can't cook to save our lives. Which, now my ahbuii needs to cook for me. Hehe... Anyways... My dad's mee sua with soup changed the way I look and think and taste of mee sua. It's been years since I last had mee sua. I don't take mee sua outside cos I know I won't like them.  I even asked my mom if she can recreate the mee sua that my dad made, but because the kitchen is still my ahma's territory, so no, my mom is not allowed to step in the kitchen. Today, ahbuii cooked mee sua for me. It doesn't taste the same, but one thing similar is, the warmness of the meal itself. 

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