Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Day at Esplanade

We were in Suntec and wanted to wait for the night bus instead to go home. So we went to Esplanade. 

On that day, Kumar was there and the Q was crazy! So many people~!! but I didn't get to see la. Instead, I went to the artsy side. 

I love this the most. Looked like the one I once drew. 

After going through the artistic walk with all the art on the wall, we went for live band!

Quite reggae...

The view so pretty! I am such a sucker for LIGHTS!!! 

Half way watching the lights, there was a commotion between a boy and his family. I dunno why, while listening, I feel kinda sad for the boy. 

We took the first night bus home. It was awesome bus ride! Nobody wan and it was damn fast! Express bus. Hahaha! 

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