Thursday, September 18, 2014

What will you do?

... If you witness an accident. Not a huge one, but there are casualties.

I was on my way back from Puchong. That was around... 11pm? and when I was about to reach the turning to Sunway, suddenly a motorcycle lost control and fell. 2 guys fell. One guy hit his head at the divider walk way thingie (sorry, dont know what is it called) and another guy got up and tried to wake that guy up. 

I drove passed... 

As I was continuing my drive back home, it kept playing in my mind. I cant let it go. I turned back. I know i may not be able to provide any help. But by calling police or ambulance helps too? Maybe?

I drove kinda far away alre, so it took me a while to reach back that place. 

As i arrived, i saw one extremely modified Satria (i dont know the head lights are angel rings or monster eyes... Damn awesome head lights!) stopped there. Then a Police 4wd. And one lorry with the arrow blinking? You know, those you saw when they close one side of the road and then the light blinks asking u to go to the other lane? 

Apparently, the guy from the modified Satria is a trained St John Ambulance paramedics. :O

So I hang around a bit.

One guy lay down. The other guy sat down, with a piece of glass stuck on the toe. He urged the St John guy to remove it. But i understand where he stands. You may not know if it is safe to remove it just like that. Both of them are indians. And that indian guy was nice enough and ask me to go home, the police and the paramedic is around den sudah boleh. Walao... U hurt liao u still care enough to ask a perempuan to go home first. I give u a ‘like’.

So, i did. I told the police i will leave first, and they said ok since the ambulance is coming anyway. The ambulance that is on the way was from UM. 

Although i didnt provide any sort of help, but at least seeing someone else there that can help eased me up a little. 

I hope they are OK. 

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