Friday, August 29, 2014

Owing people money

I know money is not everything... But... 

Money makes u learn about people. Read that clearly, people. Not friends. 

Once, or perhaps many times. I lend money to some people. The amount is not much, RM50? RM100? RM150? That’s all. Honestly, for me, once the money is handed over to someone, never ever believe when they say “i promise i will pay back when i can”. Cos 99.99999 out of 100 times, it will never happen. Well, to those who paid back. I appreciate it and do not judge them. Mind you, i am no millionaire, but i know how it feels like to have no money for food/rent/loans etc until u need to resort yourself to asking help from people. So i actually tried my very best to squeeze every penny i have to help u. And if that RM50, RM100 or RM150 is able to help ease your situation a little, i am glad. 

So, people owe you money and u dont know how to ask back from them? Why do we need to go through this? The money by right belongs to YOU. Well, i am not saying that u can go “hoi, fucker! Where’s my money! Pay back or i will scratch your car and tell your mother u owe me money! I know where u live you SOB!” im saying that just ask nicely like “hey, im kinda tight this time round and needed the money back, do u think u can pay back some?” Believe me, it is also difficult for me to ask back for money bcos, i know the reason why the person have to ask for loan. So its like, im asking back for money eventho i know u r tight but i have to cos i am damn freaking tight in budget naooo... But sometimes, even by asking nicely... People take things for granted. 

I can totally understand that if you dont wanna hurt the friendship. If you value the friendship more than the money den, good for you. I cant. If that makes me mean, so be it. 

To those who got their money back. Please, at least appreciate it. When they text you and told u that they have returned the money, have the courtesy to check and inform them that the money is in the account already. Please do know that it takes them to brave themselves up and tried their very best to put on few inches thick of their skin to actually open their mouth to ask to pinjam. Probably you will be wondering “why so gan jeong? Bank in d den ok la” Have you ever thought that the system may go malfunction and screw up the transaction? So u checked few days later and the money is in. Thats great! So what if it did screw up? And she paid, she got the receipt/slip. R u gonna demand her to pay again? Or r u gonna just leave it and loss few thousand bucks and say she didnt pay back? She does owe u a ‘ren qing’ but that doesnt mean u can talk to her like shit also. 

And you! You owe the person money. And not just money u r owing. U r owing the person a ‘ren qing’. When someone is asking back for the money, the least you could do is a just reply and tell them why u cant pay back. Not by ignoring. You know, i seriously dont mind if u at least reply me and let me know that you cant pay back at the time being. You are still a friend if u could at least just do that. 

So above the mentioned are all about friends... What about couples? Who already broke up? I know some couples have their expenses set as whats mine is mine and whats yours is yours. Which is good. Unfortunately, some couples actually take things for granted. As convenient as, “baby, can swipe for me first? I will pay back when i get my salary.” or maybe “baby, i wanna go with you, help me buy ticket oso” or “baby, i like this [insert expensive item] and promo is until end of this month but my salary no more d.” Well, things like that la. The amount is of cos, not small when everything is added up. When u r still an item, of cos there is no such thing as debt. Or maybe u can take as long as forever to pay back. Cos at that point of time, u think being together is forever. So, at the end, when things got sour and u guys broke up. And your now ex is asking back for the money that u said u will pay back. Bear in mind, it is only for the amount that u said u will pay back, not the gifts. 

Social media is a wonderful thing. It is very transparent if you are an attention seeker. Posting up every single thing that happened in your life. It is so transparent that when u said u cant pay back, it is truly unbelievable. 

What is the past, let it pass. But what have been said, keep your words. Yes. Words are cheap. In fact, words are free. But sometimes, words are the ones that is most powerful. Hence, verbal warnings, verbal authorizations, verbal agreements etc are able to take into actions. So when u r a couple, and u said u will pay back. Pay back. Eventho u guys broken up. 

To those whom i am indeed owing money, thank u very much. Deep down, i definitely appreciate it and thankful for the utmost understanding and forever in debt. U know who u r.

To those who owes me money? It only takes RM100 deposit for the learning lesson and RM50 to learn that u r cheap. Dirt cheap. 

P/S, someone approached me and wanted to loan some money for health purpose when i was drafting this post. which unfortunately, i cant cos i oso broke nao. to that someone, i hope you dun take this post and relate to your situation, ok? i was drafting this post when this other person doesnt reply me when i asked for money that he owed me gazillion years ago and he ignored me. 

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The Artsy Craftsy said...

the person who PM you to ask you for some help for health is from school right? cos i got the same thing, that is if you and I are talking about the same person. and this person also PM me before 2 years back for the same reason too... poor thing, wish I could help. =(