Monday, July 14, 2014

My grandma's 80th birthday

After decided to have Grand Imperial Restaurant as my grandma’s 80th birthday celebration location from the hunt, my aunt went ahead with some discussions among the siblings and daughter in laws. We increased from 2 tables to 5 tables initially, but some couldn’t make it. So the final amount was 4 tables. 

Once I reached, my grand auntie said I slimmed down d! wahahahahaaa! 

"slimmed" me

At first I thought I will be late because I had some chores to do, but when I reached, my uncle got lost. So drove out again to look for him. Then headed back to the restaurant with my uncle. 

me and ahma

Dishes were served, the food was not bad for me. Quite acceptable. Honestly, how the food tastes that night doesn’t really bother me because the overall reunion was great. 

Half way through, the waitress push in a cart with a birthday cake on it. And boy did my grandma looked surprised and touched. 

It was a great reunion, considering we sometimes can’t even get to meet up during Chinese New Year.  We had a lot to drink thanks to my cousin for the wine and liquor. We had a lot of yum seng sessions which “yum seng” is replaced by “happy birthday to you”. We had aunties taking selfies, which I teased why never buy the monopod? We had a lot of photograph sessions.

Before everyone left, my aunt and mom distributed longevity gifts and ang pao. Then slowly, the crowd reduces. 

A slide show I've put together to view on the TV

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