Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dinner location hunting.

Grandma’s 80th birthday dinner is coming soon! Me, my aunt and a cousin of mine went around looking for a place suitable for a banquet. Initially we wanna have 2 tables only. Just our side for the dinner and organise something else for grandma’s siblings in Jinjang.

this is my grandma. lol...

At first my aunt and my cousin went Imperial China Restaurant in SS17. I didn’t go along as I need to run some errands. After I was done, I went over and picked them up.

Once they got in the car, they complaint right away. 1, the service sucked. 2, the restaurant condition is not well maintained. Lol…

So, we went USJ 19 instead. The one in USJ 19 is Grand Imperial Restaurant and boy were we impressed. The manager’s service is good. Explained in detail and the condition of the restaurant is impressive. Very clean and the rooms are nice.

Of cos our choice is weighing towards Grand Imperial, we just need to choose the menu package now. :D

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