Friday, June 20, 2014

The Cafe BBQ Chicken @ One City Skypark, USJ

We were at One City Skypark to try out the cinema there. The seat was not bad, but we are used to sitting at the couple seat. So, we probably won’t go there anymore for movies. Nevertheless, the seat is comfy. If u like to sit the usual solo seats, then it is worth it. 

After movies, we decided to just stay in One City for dinner. We walked few rounds and cant decide what to eat. At the end, we stopped at this BBQ Chicken thing. It looks interesting… until we went in… 

We had a difficult time trying to order. It wasn’t clearly described in the menu on the set so we asked. And boy did I have a difficult time to understand. 

And they keep sending wrong orders to our table! If there were someone else sitting at our table, ordered and then decided to change table, I can understand that mistake made, but noooo… we sat there after the previous group paid the bill and left. Oh ya, we waiting quite a while for a table. 

These are what we ordered. 

The spaghetti was not bad.

It was called The Cafe BBQ Chicken. So, of cos we aimed for the chicken... 

Drinks, well… you have the usual drinks. Carbonated drinks, ice lemon tea, water, etc… 

The chicken… it’s ordinary. Despite the taste of the sauce used to marinate is different than Nando’s or Kenny Rogers, but it’s really nothing to shout about it. The portion… very disappointing for the price paid. Perhaps, the meal can use some decorative? The plate looks pathetic. Sadly pathetic. 


Anonymous said...

Not a pleasant place to dine at -.-
Yesterday, I made my way for dinner to BBQ Chicken at USJ One City with my BF and encountered AGAIN a bad experience dining there. I requested for thousand island sauce from a waiter and he made a blur look and responded immediately a 'No'. In my heart I was like "wow am I stupid then as I was served with thousand island sauce previously??" To avoid unnecessary conversation I asked the waiter to send someone else to my table. Before he can walk to look for his fellow, noticing the shop owner sitting behind us, my BF straight told himself to get the sauce instead. With an unhappy face, the boss served us too. Finally when we walked out, he did not even greet us Thank You for dining but sitting and looking at us walking out arrogantly. WOW. About 3 times we been to this shop and even while we dine yesterday, we notice he do greet all his customer but surprisingly his attitude yesterday left us a question mark!! Actually what happened on my very 1st visit is...I ordered a chocolate drink but after drinking found it has the taste of mocha. So I called the waiter to check if I was correctly served. Not more than minutes the drink maker (believe to be the shop owner) came to my desk with his drink powder container. Not only sitting next to us without permission, he also disturbed our meal time. I don't know what he's trying to prove as not only me, even my BF tasted mocha more when he tasted. I was like 'fine, just drink it and no point of arguing'. Haikzz..After all this, It leaves a doubt in me 'won't they mess with my food if I to visit again?'- maybe by spitting or reducing the amount or even use spoil meat??? Eeuu scary..but one thing for sure, after all happened yesterday I and my BF decided WE ARE NOT GOING TO THAT RESTAURANT AGAIN.

BlurCo said...

Wow... That was bad! Why so terrible wan?!