Friday, April 18, 2014

Wedding in Ipoh

No, it’s not my wedding. Not yet… LoL. 

A while back, I went to Ipoh for a friend’s wedding. A high school friend. Really glad she tied the knot. She said she didn’t want to and it’s all purely pressured by parents. LoL…

So, I was doing all these plannings to explore alone cos I will be driving there alone a day earlier. At the end, none of the plans worked out. Lesson to be learnt, don’t plan. 

I left KL kinda late due to some unforeseen circumstances. Along the “adventure” driving alone to Ipoh, I saw a kinda bad accident. At first I thought it was a motorcycle that is on fire but NOOO! The whole car was on FIRE! Then, I stopped at the RnR and had Baskin Robbins and bought some fruits to munch on. :P 

I arrived Ipoh at about 6 or 7pm with heavy rain. I didn’t have an umbrella with me in the car, so I kinda waited for the rain to slow down. 

The only thing that I am glad that I did research and plan on is the hotel. I booked Golden Roof Hotel and I am amazed. Well, if u expect 5 star experience, please look elsewhere. This hotel apparently is new, the lobby is spacious, it’s absolutely affordable and most importantly, it doesn’t look dodgy. 

Once I walked into my room, the space is quite ok. Mounted LCD TV, queen sized bed, no cupboard tho, but they have hooks for you to hang your clothes. The toilet has rain shower! It’s definitely clean and no disgusting smell. AWESOME! 

Looking out the window is a school, so do expect some noise in the morning. If you are a DEEP sleeper then you got nothing to worry about. 

all freshen up!

After I got myself checked-in, I freshen myself a bit and off I drove out and went to my friend’s house. One of the girls and her husband were there alre. So we sat, ate and chatted a while. I even did mehndi on both hands! Amazed how she can draw freehand! 

When I was about to leave, the bride accompanied me to my car along with her cousin and her cousin’s husband. We talked a bit and then I realised the cousin’s husband is actually working the same company as me… small small world!

Went back to the hotel, showered and laze on the bed… and I can’t sleep at all. At the end I had migraine and I didn’t make it for the wedding at the temple. 

After I had enough rest, that’s when the rest arrive and about to go for lunch. We went out for lunch, hung out a bit then went back to the hotel to get ourselves prepared for the wedding dinner. 

The wedding dinner was really grand. We actually joined in the entrance with the bride and groom behind them. Then we sat down, then the usuals… makan minum. 

After the dinner, we went to an Irish pub nearby and drank some more. At first, the top floor was packed… and suddenly everyone left! The whole top floor belonged to US! Well, of cos, everyone went crazy on karaoke, darts and pool. LoL. 

The next day, we went for the famous dim sum at Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum. Then, we walked over to have the famous Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah. Then we took our car and drove over to collect our salty chicken… and we all went on our separate ways. 

Glad to see everyone happy during the trip. Although something happened at the drinking session, but it’s all good. LoL… Saw on FB, another one of them got hitched. From the pictures, it really looked really nice wedding. I hope everyone will remain happy and healthy with their other halves.  

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