Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sabak Bernam, Selangor

I am a KL city girl. All my life I never had the chance to know what is it like to go back hometown during Chinese New Year. This year I had a chance to make a trip to Sabak Bernam.

Once we arrive, there were prayers. If I didn't remember wrongly, that day was to Pai Tian Kong.  

Lighting up the candles and josticks. 

Looking at it, it looks like a sea. It's actually not. This is just a river. 


This was my first time seeing people letting go Sky Lantern (Kong Ming Lantern)

Writing down all the wishes... ^^

Breakfast! Everything tastes damn awesome! 

After lazing around in the house whole afternoon and also not to miss out their mahjong session, they decided to make a trip to Sekinchan!

It was not that hot and really windy! You know Outbound Love? This was the beach they came and film. :D

Wrecked Sampan... 

Kite! It looks like chasing after the moon!

Bye bye Sekinchan! 

After that we went back, and have our dinner. It was steamboat! I super love steamboat! After makan, we hang around and then went to sleep. 

The next day... 

We went and catch baby crabbies! SO CUTE!!! 

After we rest a while, we made our move back to KL. 

This is how I spent my time in a kampung. LoL...

The experience was not bad at all. It was really relaxing and definitely will come again. Awesome way to get away from the hectic, boring, filled with buildings KL. 

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