Sunday, April 13, 2014

Of health and career

Wootz! I can sleep a lil late today cos tomorrow I don’t have to wake up at 4.30am. Haha! I got training tomorrow! I have to get stuck in the jam TO and BACK from office ah, but what the heck, as long as I get to sleep slightly longer. 

This training, to be honest, I totally didn’t expect it coming. To get that position, there are certain expectations to meet. All this while, I always thought I suck at what I do. Of cos there’s incentive bonus and what not that we all get to know how we perform, we even have a list to see where everyone is standing at. But still, I always think that I am not good enough, even if I score above 100%. I thought that score, if I can do it, I'm pretty sure others can do it too, or do it better. So I always brush it off and never expect it to be me. 

I have colleagues saying, that’s the position they want and they aim for. I respect how they are so determine to know what they want and confident. Whereby me… I always have this thinking “What is yours, it’s yours”. I guess I’m just letting fate deciding by itself. 

On that morning, when we were called in to the meeting room so that our Team Lead can announce it to us, I kept thinking “ohh… what did I do this time?” Then my mind kept thinking and thinking. Well, of cos nothing came out from my mind cos I won’t know what shit have I done even if there is any. I am too blur to realise it anyways. Hahaha! 

After she announced it, I was surprised. To the extend, I went speechless. When she asked, any questions? My brain cannot generate any questions. My brain just kept on and on “what have I done to get it?” I am happy and glad that I got it. Like I said, I always got this thinking that I am always not good enough. So, when I got it I was kinda overwhelmed. Like… “Ma! I made it!” that kinda feeling, and this is not even a promotion to TSL or TL. =.=””

So, tomorrow is the training. I hope I’m able to understand and absorb. :P

Now, onto health. 

My uncle has the machine to measure blood pressure. So, after about 2 weeks plus medication and eating healthy, my blood pressure is now 141/90. Still high and of cos this reading is still depending on the med. Anyhow, it is a good relief to see it went down from 190/120. He got the weighing machine as well. I didn’t wanna weigh myself cos I didn’t think that I lose any weight. My pants and clothes are still fitting. Not loose oso. But then… I realise my limbs are smaller tho. Last time when I grip my wrist, I can feel it’s tight and it can stop the blood flow, but now… It’s just nice! So, I went on the weighing machine. I was 70kg…

Jeng jeng jeng… 

It shows 64kg. I asked my uncle, “how old is this thing? Spoil d wan la!”

My office is organizing “The biggest loser”. Awesome or what?! But I didn’t join la. If the thing started from 2 weeks ago den probably I will join la. Don’t know if it’s true or not. When you wanna loose weight, usually at the beginning will have drastic change. After that, it will slow down. True ah? 

Those who are joining, GOOD LUCK! Those who are not joining, don't tempt them with nice food k? :P

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