Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Me and my HBP

I came back from Shanghai like 2 weeks ago and I have yet to come up with any post about it. Heh... I've done the video of the pictures tho. But I’m having difficulties picking pictures for the post. Anyhow, the post will be up real soon! If not, i will forget every single detail about the trip.

It seems that my new year resolution failed miserably... Blog more often eh? Ppfffttt... I’m even quiet on Instagram... The only thing I’m active on my phone now is The Sims and I Love Coffee. And when i turned on my laptop, it’s always connected to my TV to watch shows and dramas... yea... my laptop is really useful... Somehow, I feel that my laptop is giving me problems. Can’t point my finger on what tho... Hrmm...

Oh... I went to the Dr the other day. And Dr said that my HBP is getting higher. And he asked me to REALLY control my diet and do more exercise. For the first time in my 29 years, I was at the clinic for good 1 hour and 15 minutes. Well... I'm at 190/120. Of cos the Dr wants to lecture me. But then again, how often u find a good Dr who actually bother to lecture u at God forsaken hours (5am). I don't kno if I am consider lucky or not. He said he is only at the clinic at the times that I won't go see a Dr unless I need to MC. Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11pm till 7am only. o.O

Things that he told me to do… which I am slllloooowwwllyyy adapting… are…

1, Stop eating processed food
Whatever comes in a packet or bottle or… anything processed… STOP eating them. They contained highest amount of salt. So, say good bye to sausages and hams. My all time favourites…

2, Don’t put salt in any food.
When I asked the Dr whether issit because of sodium? He said no. Well partly yes… He said in everything, any food it contains sodium or salt. Very minimal of it. It is so minimal that we can’t even taste them. That’s why processed food contain a lot of salt. Because to make it taste yummy. That’s why actually, there is no need to put in more salt.

To be honest, I don’t know what I am babbling about. I was at the Dr at 5am. I was trying to absorb as much as I can at that time.

Anyways… Moving on…

3, Your plate of meal should be…
¼ = rice
2/4 = vege
¼ = meat

4, Exercise.
He told me… good news is, all I need to do are just walks… To me, it is not a good news.

My area is very dangerous that I don’t dare to go out for evening walks. I don’t even dare to just walk to the nearest shop to buy stuffs. Not because I’m lazy… it’s because of all the snatch thieves. My colleague suggested to sign up for Celebrity Fitness, which my company has this employee benefit. Which I still can’t afford even with the benefit, and also I do not have a credit card anymore to sign up. Unless I go to the club house but that I will need to pay toll… well, of cos toll is much more cheaper than signing up for fitness club. hrm… need to figure this out…

I asked, can I walk in the mall then? Does shopping counts? He said, no stopping fast pace walks. If u can do that in a mall… u can… so… I probably will look like a woman who is rushing to somewhere walking fast and aimlessly for 30 minutes. Oh… I tried walking from old wing to new wing without stopping but slow pace… and that took 30 minutes… imagine fast pace… I guess that would work too. “that woman again… gila ka?” haha!

5, Have enough sleep
At first he counted for me 6 hours… then I told him, that 6 hours of sleep I will still feel like a zombie. Usually I go for 8 hours. He said “oh! Even better!” but good news is… yes. Definitely a good news for me. I can replace some hours with naps after work. :P But sometimes I try not to cos after the naps, I will feel my head is breaking into 2. :S

So ya, that’s pretty much about it.

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