Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I wonder who still reads my blog. LoL... 

Anyhow... Just wanna update a little on my HBP. 

I've been eating really rabbit-ly. So, breakfast I will eat stuffs that my colleague cooked. Shared them with other colleagues. Then, lunch will be lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and alternate between eggs, potatoes or corn. For dinner, I come back to my grandma's cooking. At the beginning when we told her not to put so much salt, she was like "CANNOT EAT THEN DON'T EAT LAA!!" But then, slowly, the dishes are all less salty. :P Ya... My ahma... 

no, I wasn't allowed to eat lap cheong...

I got pretty sick of my usual meals, so I bought some chicken. :P

The other day was suppose to have dinner with my 3rd aunt and of cos I can't eat anything outside. So, I made myself these. 

one for myself and one for my uncle. 

ate this and then just drank plain water. Chicken marinated with chicken seasoning and paprika. Wrap with whole meal wrap. Together with lettuce and cucumber. 

Today for dinner, I made this. Skim milk + Yogurt + Banana + Strawberry, and it's DAMN filling!

I'm quite used to what I'm eating now. Can't really monitor my HBP now as I can't get the machine now, but I really hope that my HBP is lower. 

Oh... I lost an inch on my waist... :D

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