Friday, April 18, 2014

Wedding in Ipoh

No, it’s not my wedding. Not yet… LoL. 

A while back, I went to Ipoh for a friend’s wedding. A high school friend. Really glad she tied the knot. She said she didn’t want to and it’s all purely pressured by parents. LoL…

So, I was doing all these plannings to explore alone cos I will be driving there alone a day earlier. At the end, none of the plans worked out. Lesson to be learnt, don’t plan. 

I left KL kinda late due to some unforeseen circumstances. Along the “adventure” driving alone to Ipoh, I saw a kinda bad accident. At first I thought it was a motorcycle that is on fire but NOOO! The whole car was on FIRE! Then, I stopped at the RnR and had Baskin Robbins and bought some fruits to munch on. :P 

I arrived Ipoh at about 6 or 7pm with heavy rain. I didn’t have an umbrella with me in the car, so I kinda waited for the rain to slow down. 

The only thing that I am glad that I did research and plan on is the hotel. I booked Golden Roof Hotel and I am amazed. Well, if u expect 5 star experience, please look elsewhere. This hotel apparently is new, the lobby is spacious, it’s absolutely affordable and most importantly, it doesn’t look dodgy. 

Once I walked into my room, the space is quite ok. Mounted LCD TV, queen sized bed, no cupboard tho, but they have hooks for you to hang your clothes. The toilet has rain shower! It’s definitely clean and no disgusting smell. AWESOME! 

Looking out the window is a school, so do expect some noise in the morning. If you are a DEEP sleeper then you got nothing to worry about. 

all freshen up!

After I got myself checked-in, I freshen myself a bit and off I drove out and went to my friend’s house. One of the girls and her husband were there alre. So we sat, ate and chatted a while. I even did mehndi on both hands! Amazed how she can draw freehand! 

When I was about to leave, the bride accompanied me to my car along with her cousin and her cousin’s husband. We talked a bit and then I realised the cousin’s husband is actually working the same company as me… small small world!

Went back to the hotel, showered and laze on the bed… and I can’t sleep at all. At the end I had migraine and I didn’t make it for the wedding at the temple. 

After I had enough rest, that’s when the rest arrive and about to go for lunch. We went out for lunch, hung out a bit then went back to the hotel to get ourselves prepared for the wedding dinner. 

The wedding dinner was really grand. We actually joined in the entrance with the bride and groom behind them. Then we sat down, then the usuals… makan minum. 

After the dinner, we went to an Irish pub nearby and drank some more. At first, the top floor was packed… and suddenly everyone left! The whole top floor belonged to US! Well, of cos, everyone went crazy on karaoke, darts and pool. LoL. 

The next day, we went for the famous dim sum at Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum. Then, we walked over to have the famous Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah. Then we took our car and drove over to collect our salty chicken… and we all went on our separate ways. 

Glad to see everyone happy during the trip. Although something happened at the drinking session, but it’s all good. LoL… Saw on FB, another one of them got hitched. From the pictures, it really looked really nice wedding. I hope everyone will remain happy and healthy with their other halves.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Of health and career

Wootz! I can sleep a lil late today cos tomorrow I don’t have to wake up at 4.30am. Haha! I got training tomorrow! I have to get stuck in the jam TO and BACK from office ah, but what the heck, as long as I get to sleep slightly longer. 

This training, to be honest, I totally didn’t expect it coming. To get that position, there are certain expectations to meet. All this while, I always thought I suck at what I do. Of cos there’s incentive bonus and what not that we all get to know how we perform, we even have a list to see where everyone is standing at. But still, I always think that I am not good enough, even if I score above 100%. I thought that score, if I can do it, I'm pretty sure others can do it too, or do it better. So I always brush it off and never expect it to be me. 

I have colleagues saying, that’s the position they want and they aim for. I respect how they are so determine to know what they want and confident. Whereby me… I always have this thinking “What is yours, it’s yours”. I guess I’m just letting fate deciding by itself. 

On that morning, when we were called in to the meeting room so that our Team Lead can announce it to us, I kept thinking “ohh… what did I do this time?” Then my mind kept thinking and thinking. Well, of cos nothing came out from my mind cos I won’t know what shit have I done even if there is any. I am too blur to realise it anyways. Hahaha! 

After she announced it, I was surprised. To the extend, I went speechless. When she asked, any questions? My brain cannot generate any questions. My brain just kept on and on “what have I done to get it?” I am happy and glad that I got it. Like I said, I always got this thinking that I am always not good enough. So, when I got it I was kinda overwhelmed. Like… “Ma! I made it!” that kinda feeling, and this is not even a promotion to TSL or TL. =.=””

So, tomorrow is the training. I hope I’m able to understand and absorb. :P

Now, onto health. 

My uncle has the machine to measure blood pressure. So, after about 2 weeks plus medication and eating healthy, my blood pressure is now 141/90. Still high and of cos this reading is still depending on the med. Anyhow, it is a good relief to see it went down from 190/120. He got the weighing machine as well. I didn’t wanna weigh myself cos I didn’t think that I lose any weight. My pants and clothes are still fitting. Not loose oso. But then… I realise my limbs are smaller tho. Last time when I grip my wrist, I can feel it’s tight and it can stop the blood flow, but now… It’s just nice! So, I went on the weighing machine. I was 70kg…

Jeng jeng jeng… 

It shows 64kg. I asked my uncle, “how old is this thing? Spoil d wan la!”

My office is organizing “The biggest loser”. Awesome or what?! But I didn’t join la. If the thing started from 2 weeks ago den probably I will join la. Don’t know if it’s true or not. When you wanna loose weight, usually at the beginning will have drastic change. After that, it will slow down. True ah? 

Those who are joining, GOOD LUCK! Those who are not joining, don't tempt them with nice food k? :P

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sabak Bernam, Selangor

I am a KL city girl. All my life I never had the chance to know what is it like to go back hometown during Chinese New Year. This year I had a chance to make a trip to Sabak Bernam.

Once we arrive, there were prayers. If I didn't remember wrongly, that day was to Pai Tian Kong.  

Lighting up the candles and josticks. 

Looking at it, it looks like a sea. It's actually not. This is just a river. 


This was my first time seeing people letting go Sky Lantern (Kong Ming Lantern)

Writing down all the wishes... ^^

Breakfast! Everything tastes damn awesome! 

After lazing around in the house whole afternoon and also not to miss out their mahjong session, they decided to make a trip to Sekinchan!

It was not that hot and really windy! You know Outbound Love? This was the beach they came and film. :D

Wrecked Sampan... 

Kite! It looks like chasing after the moon!

Bye bye Sekinchan! 

After that we went back, and have our dinner. It was steamboat! I super love steamboat! After makan, we hang around and then went to sleep. 

The next day... 

We went and catch baby crabbies! SO CUTE!!! 

After we rest a while, we made our move back to KL. 

This is how I spent my time in a kampung. LoL...

The experience was not bad at all. It was really relaxing and definitely will come again. Awesome way to get away from the hectic, boring, filled with buildings KL. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I wonder who still reads my blog. LoL... 

Anyhow... Just wanna update a little on my HBP. 

I've been eating really rabbit-ly. So, breakfast I will eat stuffs that my colleague cooked. Shared them with other colleagues. Then, lunch will be lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and alternate between eggs, potatoes or corn. For dinner, I come back to my grandma's cooking. At the beginning when we told her not to put so much salt, she was like "CANNOT EAT THEN DON'T EAT LAA!!" But then, slowly, the dishes are all less salty. :P Ya... My ahma... 

no, I wasn't allowed to eat lap cheong...

I got pretty sick of my usual meals, so I bought some chicken. :P

The other day was suppose to have dinner with my 3rd aunt and of cos I can't eat anything outside. So, I made myself these. 

one for myself and one for my uncle. 

ate this and then just drank plain water. Chicken marinated with chicken seasoning and paprika. Wrap with whole meal wrap. Together with lettuce and cucumber. 

Today for dinner, I made this. Skim milk + Yogurt + Banana + Strawberry, and it's DAMN filling!

I'm quite used to what I'm eating now. Can't really monitor my HBP now as I can't get the machine now, but I really hope that my HBP is lower. 

Oh... I lost an inch on my waist... :D

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shanghai, China

Last year was Danang, Vietnam. And this year is... SHANGHAI! Well not exactly only Shanghai, we went to a few places in China. 

Well, because it's my first time travelling to a cold country, I seriously didn't know what to pack. So, I was a mess. 

Make up stuffs... 
I didn't bring any foundation or BB cream. So I only brought along with me concealer, loose powder, blusher, eye shadow, eye liner, eye brow pencil, contact lens (which ended up I didn't wear at all), and a brush for the blusher. 

Skin care stuffs...

Everyone kept reminding that it is important to keep hydrated. So I brought along whatever I have that is hydrating. Well, of cos I didn't bring the whole big bottle in the pictures, I packed them in smaller bottles bought from Daiso. 

So I brought, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, night cream, Laneige's water bank night mask, Bio-essense's Bio water, Hydrating sheet masks and last but not least, sun block. 

Laneige's water bank night mask works wonders. With all of the above, I am glad my face was perfectly fine until the day we came back. :D

Bought 2 of these from Uniqlo. It works OK in my opinion... Total, I brought 4 over. :)

All these are what was in my handbag throughout the trip. 

Passport holder, camera, specs box, mobile phone (d-uh), Loose powder, tissue, wet tissue, earphones, mp3, lip balm and my emergency pack (tiger balm and plasters). 

Don't bring only 1 tissue in your bag. Bring at least 3! Er... well... I'm paranoid like that. :S

Well, passport checked, visa checked, everything else checked... OFF WE GO!

AirAsiaX :)

In-flight meals.

The Teriyaki so so only but the Nasi Lemak was awesome! I wish to finish all the sambal but I scared I will need to do a lot of number 2s... 


I don't really remember and some I don't know the location. Mainly because, I don't read chinese and the tour guide speaks too fast until I can't even catch what he said... I do have the list of the places that we went as it was given by the tour agent, just that it was not in order. I will post it at the end of this post... 

The tour guide said that this pond is the first pond the Chinese start rearing fish for leisure and enjoy watching them. 

Look like four leaves clover? 

The amazing part about China is that they have A LOT of toilets everywhere! But the sad part is, there are no toilet papers. That's why I said, bring your own tissuess! There is another sad part. MOST of the doors can't lock. Can't lock, nobody inside nvm. Can't lock and got ppl inside doing business! I pengsan... @.@ 

First dinner in China.

Nope... No picts of the food. Didn't like the food...

Night market. Nothing much here. 

The next morning, while dragging our luggage to the lift to check-out, suddenly my handbag fell... it broke. :( 


This lunch place reminds me a little of the Brazilian grill in Damansara. I was too hungry so I didn't snap any of the grilled stuffs. Got BBQ sweet potato! Food here was OK. 

Oh! I remember this place the most because of the lighting! This is outside of the Suzhou's Bird Nest. The lighting is damn pretty! 

Suzhou Museum. I think... 

Little kids in China damn cute. I just hope they don't end up like the adults. :X

This is some sort like a show they put up for the audience. 

One of the hotel's toilet. Damn canggih. But no wifi. Damn sad! 

This... I've climbed 290 steps! I didn't even climb our very own Batu Caves and I climbed here! To be honest, it's a pretty easy climb. the steps are not too high apart. 

Another night street thingie. It was Women's Day and it was DAMN packed! 



And the next day... in this paper cup is hot chocolate. Probably the most awesome-est hot chocolate I've ever tasted in my entire life. It was thick and smooth! Unlike the ones in KL, so diluted! I will miss u very much, hot chocolate. T.T

We were at the Shanghai Pearl Tower. I almost died. I am afraid of heights. Phobia!!!

That little boy very cute. He tried to go on the glass, and after about 2 to 3 steps out, he will run back in again. LoL... 

Nice statue eh? So romantic.


This is the brothel. No... Not now wan... Ancient. Dunno how many millenniums ago wan... 

This was where the prostitutes bathed...

This was how they do it... Feels like Kamasutra. :P

Got pictures some more... 

Ouh! We were suppose to have dinner at one of the restaurants, but we arrived early. So we hung around at the waiting area. This puppy DAMN CHUBBY and DAMN CUTE! So geram!!! 

Just because I didn't wanna buy it and it's a moo. :P

And... we go home... Love the sky color.
The flight back was horrible. A lot or turbulence. A lot of clouds. So scary, I cried. Seriously! I cried! T.T

When we were flying back, I saw this plane next to us. I hoped that it was MH370 flying back together with us. :'(

Alright... Now the locations... 

Shanghai Trip
Hangzhou - Suzhou - Wuxi - Nanjing - Shanghai - Haining

Places visited (Not in order)
Hang Zhou
- West Lake Xin Tian Di
- Hua Gang Guan Yu

- New Suzhou Museum
- Jinji Lake scenic Area
- Suzhou's Bird Nest
- Li Gong Ti
- Lotus Garden

- Three Kingdoms City 
- Li Hu Garden
- Fisherman Island

- Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall (no pictures taken)
- Ancient Ming City Hall
- Sun Yat Sen Mausoleum
- Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge
- Nanjing Road
- The Bund

- Shanghai Pearl Tower
- Wax Museum
- Chenghuang Temple
- Shanghai Museum
- Shanghai M50 Art District 

- China Leather City
- Yan Guan Ancient Town