Saturday, March 15, 2014


When I first heard about the missing plane, I was in China. I was kinda relieved that we didn't decide to go Beijing instead. While feeling relieved, I was feeling worried. Why MAS? I couldn't keep scrolling my facebook and also twitter there. Not because it was banned, but I didn't have any data roaming. I was kinda pissed as well that the tour company saying the hotels would be 4 star hotels. OK... Maybe they ARE 4 star hotels but their 4 star hotels didn't even have wifi. Some has wifi in the lobby but I was too lazy to put on the large thick jackets to go down. Some didn't even have any wifi in the entire hotel. We jumped a few hotels cos the tour covers a few area and the one with no wifi in the entire hotel was in Shanghai... SHANGHAI leh!  T.T

Anyhow, luckily China have a TV program specifically for updates on MH370. While sitting in front of the TV for 1 and half hours waiting for a more positive update, it only announces stuffs repeatedly. Like, what time the plane took off, what time they lost contact, what time they announced the missing plane and made it public, what time what was deployed for the search, which country is assisting on the search… etc… etc…

I got back to Malaysia on 12th March. 4th day of the missing plane. Still no news. Why? 

There’s a lot of assumptions on FB. Crashed into the sea. Hijacking. Crashed in Penang. Crashed near Malacca. Landed in India. I'm reading there are total of eight possibilities. So many assumptions! The latest I read was India has joined the search and now searching around uninhabited jungle islands. Making them the 12th country to assist on the search.

Is this why the family members from China being "accidentally" transited to India cos the plane indeed landed in India? *gaspssss*

Did they went in to the time tunnel?? Such thing really exist? 

I personally think that Malaysian Government knows something that we don’t know and don’t want anyone to know and want to settle it in shadow. That’s why they kept on denying stuffs. We are now also at the top of the shame stage! I don’t wanna say what, but I believe everyone knows what I’m talking about. I hope I’m wrong tho about the whole settling in shadow thing… 

Whatever the reason is, I hope all 239 of them on the plane are still alive and safe and will go back to their family soon. 

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