Friday, February 28, 2014

The White Fly @ Setia Walk, Puchong

because my off days are on fridays, i always hunt for a nice and quiet place to enjoy my alone time. 

i was walking around Setia Walk and i came across this cafe. The White Fly. I was like... what? who would use a fly as a name? So, i walked closer to see if there's any other thing to attract me. and indeed, the wifi available sign. its a fly. 

as i walked in, there's a bunch of bean bags! i dont know why, i love bean bags. i think bean bags are awesome. 

well, of cos if u dont like bean bags, there's normal tables and chairs. 

as i walked towards the counter, i asked if they have sandwiches. because i have not taken my lunch. but they said they dont serve sandwiches. all the have are cakes and macaroons. and of cos coffee and tea. 

their mini macaroons damn cute!

i ordered red velvet for myself... and...

hot chocolate. cos i wasnt feeling well that day... 

so as i was sitting near the glass panel... looking at the rain fall ... i looked up at the ceiling... 

i find the deco very weird... as i look properly... 

they are cups! with wings! like flies! really look like white flies!

white flies everywhere!


my overall experience here is... honestly... meh... 

i like the deco. its really soothing and spacious. i also like it quiet. but i am not sure if quiet is good for their business or not... :P

but the cake, its really nothing to shout about. and the hot chocolate is pretty tasteless. 

if u r looking for a quiet place, i would definitely recommend this. but if u r looking for a place with AWESOME coffee... no. 

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