Friday, January 10, 2014

Wu Guai

last year we bought some turtles home. we bought 4 cos they said it is buy 3 free 1. we brought 2 back to our house and another 1 back to my mom's place. we rare them the usual way la. in a plastic container with some water.

and the fell sick...

we damn gan jeong lor! we searched high and low through google. at first i tot this breed is a tortoise. so i keep calling them tortoise. after searching high and low and seek advised from the pro (the pet shop in ikano, forgot the name of that shop). it's actually a turtle. damn malu ah. T.T

so, 1 was due to dirty water, 1 was due to cold, 1 was... dunno why very weak. not eating. so the guy said, be prepared. lol... another 1 is healthy. oh. all these 4 is actually... 2 ours and another 2 her sis and bro in law's. forgive us ok. first time having turtles as pets. hehe...

as for the 2 creatures at my mom's house they are at first healthy, but then after that. 1 died. sudden death. so, left 1.

so i the ones in our house, we have already moved them to an aquarium instead. forgot to take pict. we bought a bulb to heat the basking area and a heater for the water. unfortunately, all died and left 1. her bro in law actually bought another 2. and... 1 died. ppfffftttt... T3T

as for the one in my mom's hse... since there's only 1 left. and the container that we place her in was stopping her from growing, so i moved her into an aquarium. well, the aquarium initially are for fishes. i guess i do not have luck with fishes. they all died. people always tell me that guppies are easy to rare, but still ALL died. the worst thing is, one of the fish gave birth, the aquarium was full of fishes...!!! and ALLLLL slowly died one by one! sighs... so the huge aquarium... only has 1 small fish.

so i moved out that pathetic lonely fish from the big tank, and bought a new filter and a bridge thingie for the basking area. washed and all... and...


dunno why she likes to hang out at the filter area. maybe its the bubbles... :P

btw, im moving my Project 365 to my Dayre instead. check me out yo!

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