Monday, January 6, 2014

b's Pullman @ Putrajaya

went to pullman for lunch with my teammates. the place is easy to find. just key in pullman in your gps, make sure its putrajaya then just follow... 

we arrived there early. so, i went around snapping pictures. :P

the clock tower

when one by one of them arrived, we keep telling them we are at the clock tower!

the area

i find the hotel is really quiet. i think it's perfect for a staycation. for a view and environment like this, i dun think the price for the rooms are expensive. i think its quite reasonable. go google urself for the price. 

the place where we makan

it's quite easy to find despite it is located at the first floor. considering the hotel area is damn big, just find the clock tower and its just near by. 

once we entered

i like how there are bits and pieces of reds here and there sort of add colors to the restaurant. 

super long table if u like it long. :X

the main courses

this area serves main courses. they have chicken, lamb... the usuals. and they have an area just for vegetarians. how considerate. the far end, they have bread, soup and salad. the entre. 

the vegetarian noms

our table. :)


walk further in to the restaurant, there's whole area of desserts. the white chocolate is to die for! and they have this deep fried green apple. it was my first time trying that and gosh... i fell in love with it! i think i can do that myself at home. :P

private area

im my opinion. the food is not bad. it's buffet so i dont really expect every single dish is awesome. 

honestly, the dessert awesome can d. haha... kidding. but ya. the dessert IS memang awesome. 

dishes wise, even if like i said i dont expect all to be yummy, i can say that none of the dishes is awful. we didnt complain about the food. so all is good. 

when we took the group photo, some of them has left cos they were rushing with their stuffs. 

thanks guys for being awesome. :)

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