Friday, January 10, 2014

Wu Guai

last year we bought some turtles home. we bought 4 cos they said it is buy 3 free 1. we brought 2 back to our house and another 1 back to my mom's place. we rare them the usual way la. in a plastic container with some water.

and the fell sick...

we damn gan jeong lor! we searched high and low through google. at first i tot this breed is a tortoise. so i keep calling them tortoise. after searching high and low and seek advised from the pro (the pet shop in ikano, forgot the name of that shop). it's actually a turtle. damn malu ah. T.T

so, 1 was due to dirty water, 1 was due to cold, 1 was... dunno why very weak. not eating. so the guy said, be prepared. lol... another 1 is healthy. oh. all these 4 is actually... 2 ours and another 2 her sis and bro in law's. forgive us ok. first time having turtles as pets. hehe...

as for the 2 creatures at my mom's house they are at first healthy, but then after that. 1 died. sudden death. so, left 1.

so i the ones in our house, we have already moved them to an aquarium instead. forgot to take pict. we bought a bulb to heat the basking area and a heater for the water. unfortunately, all died and left 1. her bro in law actually bought another 2. and... 1 died. ppfffftttt... T3T

as for the one in my mom's hse... since there's only 1 left. and the container that we place her in was stopping her from growing, so i moved her into an aquarium. well, the aquarium initially are for fishes. i guess i do not have luck with fishes. they all died. people always tell me that guppies are easy to rare, but still ALL died. the worst thing is, one of the fish gave birth, the aquarium was full of fishes...!!! and ALLLLL slowly died one by one! sighs... so the huge aquarium... only has 1 small fish.

so i moved out that pathetic lonely fish from the big tank, and bought a new filter and a bridge thingie for the basking area. washed and all... and...


dunno why she likes to hang out at the filter area. maybe its the bubbles... :P

btw, im moving my Project 365 to my Dayre instead. check me out yo!

Monday, January 6, 2014

b's Pullman @ Putrajaya

went to pullman for lunch with my teammates. the place is easy to find. just key in pullman in your gps, make sure its putrajaya then just follow... 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Recap 2013

Now... Just a little recap of what have i done in 2013.

I know it will be an uneventful year. But still, looking back a little wont kill... :P

Changed 2 jobs in a year. Lol...

at first i thought of sales. i manage to get a sales job relating to IT, which i like. and the boss is awesome. but somehow, i felt that it's not really my thing. so i revert back to operations centre. which im pretty much enjoying myself here now. :D

hosting family makan-makan sessions.
CNY eve reunion dinner and mother's day. and boy it was a hectic but enjoyable one. without fail, the food is always unfinished. lol...

for the first time and cried seeing the results. im crying even more now seeing all the prices hike up. so, u like it when all the prices hike up huh?

let's see... i went vietnam, pulau redang, PD, felda hotsprings and sekeping serendah.

wore saree for the 1st time!

yaa! it was my colleague's wedding. well, i have an uncle married an indian lady but i didnt wear saree oso. my aunt went through the trouble going all the way to Jinjang to take the saree from her cousin and thanks to jackie, zu and prama for helping me. i felt like a barbie doll that day. just stood there for them to wrap me up with the saree. haha!

cooked a lot at home this year. 

i sew more! well, not BIG stuffs. but just tiny stuffs like key chains and handphone accessories. but im happy enough with the outcome! :D

permed my hair!!!
ok... i naturally have curly hair. a frizzy messy curly hair. so i always do rebonding to my hair. but the hair stylist said my hair is getting thinner, dun rebond my hair anymore. later i go botak! i scared lor... so she permed for me... and...

before and after. the before picture is exactly on the day that i was going to permed my hair. den i cant accept the fact and delayed cam whoring. the one on the right is my annual dinner look. macam olivia newton john in grease, yes? :P

first annual dinner in current company

very small part of us in the dept. pict curi from lillian. :P

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Day 1

Happy new year!
So i blogged about my aims ystd. But today sudah rosakkan them. Haha...
Saying wanna eat healthy. But then... Ystd itself alre had supper. Fries some more. Haha... Then, today, had chicken rice for lunch and bak kut teh for dinner. Fat kao kao...  
Ystd while we were having supper at foodtalk puchong, we witness something quite ugly.  
We asked for bill and the total came up to about rm70. So we placed one piece note of rm100 on the receipt plate. We didnt notice if the note flew off from the plate or not when the waiter took the plate away. But we noticed the guy from the next table bent down and took a piece of something.
Not long later, the same waiter came back, seems like looking for something. He then went back to the counter and bring back our balance. And then back to the counter and just keep standing there the whole time. Macam keep counting the money. Keep counting and counting and counting. Until when we left oso still counting.  
We're not sure if the guy picked up that piece is the rm100 or not. Or something else. But bii's bro in law saw his face and another girl's face seems a lil guilty.  
Then today, when we were looking for parking. The car in front of us was trying to park. As he parked, we saw his car actually rubbed against the car next to him. A merc.  
Coincidently, we are sitting at their next table.
The merc owner and his family came to take his car. I think he didnt realise his car is scratched. The girl was telling the guy, "hey, the owner is here. Why dun just tell him?". The guy just kept quiet.  
Although its a luxury car. A merc. Will u inform the merc owner?