Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sekeping Serendah

kitchen and dining area... far right is the bbq pit... 

me and bii was the first to arrive and we are suppose to do the check in. and so we did and he just asked us to drive up... 

the check in area is at the bottom and the warehouse is located on the right. we are somehow separated with the other houses. 

then i asked... where's the key... the house keeper looked at me weirdly and said "no key wannnn"... i felt weirder myself and drove up anyways... 

so indeed, there is no need for keys. it is open air. like really open air. monkeys can just come in anytime and grab ur stuffs... 

no. there is no monkeys. no worries. :D

the road is kinda narrow and there is limited parking space. so, my advise to u. car pool. as packed as possible. 

the walkway outside our warehouse

once we got into the warehouse, the first thing the girls did was to let down the canopy thingie. macam princess bed. :P

after we settled down our stuffs, we headed to the waterfall nearby. 

to be honest, there's nothing to shout about. cos... there are people washing their hair with shampoo. T.T

after waterfall, we went to the swimming pool in Sekeping Serendah itself. it's really nice and cooling. we had the pool all to ourselves. 

my camera battery decided to die on me. sighs... 

after all that, we went back to the warehouse and prepared for bbq. the charcoal and net is provided by them. the housekeeper even start the bbq pit for us. 

me and bii had to leave early cos i had to report to work the next day. nevertheless, it was great catching up with the rest. 

my overall experience was awesome! 
well, put me any place near nature. be it jungle or the beach and i will say its awesome. :D

 the journey to the place was pretty hectic cos of all the lorries on the road. after hustling with the lorries, we have to go through a jungle-like road. it is really kampung orang asli lor. if u go through a muddy road and surrounded with greens... no worries. you are definitely on the right track. once u have made booking with them, they will send you a map in pdf format. 

it's like going through a nightmare and then you suddenly appear in wonderland. 

the area is really peaceful. it's really great for a bunch of friends or family get together. or they have smaller units for smaller groups or just a couple. 

well, dun expect the reception to be good tho. you are there for a get away. switch off your phone! definitely not suitable if your work requires you to be on 24/7 stand by. 

although i went back on the same night, i heard them saying that they do provide breakfast, and of cos, you have to pay for it. it is not included. 


Chalet, Jalan Ipoh, Kg Orang Asli, Serendah, Kuala Lumpur, KL

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