Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Good bye 2013. Hello 2014. Be nice to me 2014.

2013 has been pretty shitty for me. despite changing to a new job, other stuffs are just... shitty.
anyhow, today marks the last day of 2013. thanks everyone for making my 2013 a great one. especially my other half, being stuck with me through all the ups and downs.
now that 2013 is gonna be over. let's set some goals to achieve.
get in touch with my blogging side of me more.
i've been neglecting my blog for... well... God knows how bad it was. so, MUST blog AT LEAST once a week. or maybe twice. :X
save up.
i've been telling myself this almost every single year when i work out on yearly goals. and end up, i need to use it for something urgent. and at the end, nothing is left. so, continue to save up.
better management.
be it time or financially or... anything. EVERYTHING!
better pay.
as much as i hate to say this. i need a better pay job. be it a promotion in my current company or a better pay job elsewhere. having the petrol and toll increase is not helping my financial status now at all. so the only way is, better pay job.
make more crafty stuffs
i realised as i make stuffs, i feel the sense of satisfaction at the end of the process. so ya... hopefully i build my self confidence some way... hopefully, this way.
taking care of my health better.
by eating right, drinking right, sleeping right.
Good bye 2013.
Hello 2014! Be nice to me. I am stuck with u for the next 365 days. 

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