Friday, December 20, 2013

Egg and friend in a bun

most of my fridays i wake up at about 11am. a lil too late for breakfast and a lil too early for lunch. so usually, i will just toast something. 

i saw this somewhere in facebook. with no instruction or what-so-ever. just pictures. well... pictures being pictures, they look easy. and i was like. "hey! how difficult can it be?"

so, i bought a packet of buns the night before. and did this for brunch. 

here... is your wonderful bun. kosong bun. 

peel the middle part away. make sure the wall is not too thin. or else the egg will flow out and dirty your tray. 

slice em up!

it really depends what you prefer. sausage? ham? bacon? anything. but... not too much. the amount should be only about half the sausage. 

stuff your bun with the cubed sausage. and the awesome-est part of all. the egg... just crack the egg on top and dump it in the oven. toast for about... 5 to 10 minutes. 

im not sure about timing myself. initially i just turned it to 5 minutes, if my eggs are still too raw for my tasting, i will turn to have it toasted longer. so... agak-agak laa... 

and lastly... enjoy! let the yolk melt in your mouth! yumzzz... 

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