Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 4 - Pulau Redang Trip

woke up at god forsaken hours to go back. we had to catch the 7am ferry just so we can catch our flight back home. 

there's only 7am and 11am ferry from Pulau Redang to the jetty. our flight was about 12noon so... ya. we HAVE to catch the 7am ferry. 

but the morning view is awesome. and everything is worth it. 

we waited by the beach with some other ppl from other resorts for the ferry. 

that ferry was parked there. =.=" so near yet so far. kns. 

just more pictures when we were on the ferry. 

once we reached the jetty, we ate breakfast at the china town. walked a bit and then called for a cab to head to the airport. 

there's was announcement that the flight will be delayed. apparently KL was having heavy rain causing the flight to delay. 


the trip is great. it is tiring but it was great. nice view, great beach. first time snorkeling. well, i didnt float myself cos it freaks me out. even just placing my face in the water scares me. but still, i manage to see fishes swimming around me. ^^


there's this incident where i actually lost the goggles. T.T
then the guy from the resort actually helped me smuggle one from their storage and pass to me so i dont get penalized. :P

but little did i know, there was another group that accidently took extra. and she passed it back to the guy. :D 


so yea... cant wait for my next trip planned. wootzz!

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