Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 2 - Pulau Redang Trip

Day 1 - Pulau Redang
woke up damn early the next morning to catch the first ferry which is 9am to pulau redang. they said we have to be there by 8.30am to get the tickets. so we arrived there at 8am. damn right we have to arrive at 8.30am. by then, the jetty was packed by people alre. 

got in the ferry and this was right in front of me. so any of you craving for bubble tea drinks, no worries, they have it at pulau redang. with delivery service too! 

bii keeping herself occupied. loaded anime into her phone. but not long later, both of us dozed off... zzz...

the ferry not so packed even tho the jetty was packed. the 2 aunties were damn noisy munching away their kuachi... =.=""

view from my window

right in the middle of the sea, we were being transfered to another boat so that we can land on the sand~

oh... the clear sand...

oh the water is oh so clear! so damn clear u can see fishes swimming here and there!!! 

first picture once we stepped on the sand... awesome!


it was quite a distant from where we were dropped off from the boat. so we traveled to the resort on this. ^^

the room!

well... nothing to shout about the room. just a place for you to sleep and shower. no complains on the room for me. just that a lot of sand lor. but what can u expect la... its seaside!!! the beach!!! :D :D :D

the basin damn unique tho. i like... 

luckily there's a fridge in the room for us to chill the drinking water. so that we can minum after the hot day out. 

after we loaded our stuffs on the room, settle down a bit... 


i have never ever in my entire life stepped onto sand that is so damn soft and clean. ok... soft got. cherating. but clean! damn clean! the last time i stepped in the water which i still can see fishes swimming around me wan Gem Island. and that was damn damn long ago! conclusion... AWESOME!

resort package provide meals as well. 4 meals. breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner. 

although it was buffet style. but not much choice for us to choose. but boleh la. isi perut only ma. got vege, got chicken, most important, got rice.

after makan we headed down to the beach again. this time bii rented the goggles and life jacket. 

until the last day of this trip, i still dont dare to float myself. only dare to drown my head in, see fish, den come up. almost immediately. hahahah! i scared of water weih... 

but this is the first time i get to see fish under water. it was a nice feeling seeing them swimming around me. 

oh oh! got baby shark oso! its cute! but i ran away... =.=""

after the beach, we went back to our room and shower. we were so tired we fell asleep. by the time we woke up, we missed the tea time. 

view from the cafe

we went to the cafe instead and order some stuffs to eat.

they said it is difficult to have ice on the island, we will be charged extra for ice... =.="

it was nice, sitting by the beach having tea and some finger food. watching the waves, enjoying the wind... blissful~

we sat there until it was dinner time. makan den we walked for a while. 

walking on the sand at night is damn nice! the cold feeling when you step on the sand... niceeeee...

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