Thursday, September 12, 2013


wow... since june. and definitely woke me up when September arrived. 

ok. im being lame. 

work has been the main cause of me not blogging. ya ya... playing the blame game now. but seriously! my shift starts at 6am! and everybody who knows me knows that im not a morning person. so by the time after work, i head home. either too tired to blog, straight away go sleep (thats about 12 hours sleep till the next working day, mind you. and no, its still not enough. :P), or cook and have simple dinner like this...

stir fried vege, air fried chicken, steamed eggie and soup.

...then sleep. 

didnt even have time to watch tvb drama and anime anymore. i dont even know what is the story line for TITS... :( 

but not to say i dont like my new job... (yah. i quit my previous job and has been in this new job since... march!) my new job is awesome so far. c'mon, how many companies belanja makan 3 days in a row? hrm... i sound like i only like this company because of food. hahaha! 

yesterday was dominos... and now oni i realised the picture that i uploaded in FB looked like this. 

cant see shit... can la. but blurry, dunno what issit ... =.=""

so in case if you dont know what is it... on the left are all the pizzas and onion ring from dominos... on the top right, awesome butter chicken by our team leader. bottom right, nasi goreng by support leader. and not in this pict, is his sambal. it was FREAKING spicy!!! but still a lot of them cant stop taking it... 

at the end, coincidentally i brought breakfast in the morning and i got tupperware...! and i dapao some fried rice and the butter chicken. heh... but sadly, the nasi basi d... so i only finish up the chicken and have to throw away the rice. sighs... 

btw, the lunch ystd was for celebrating our team for improving a lot! and something to do with maintaining the stats and what not... long story cut short, we did great lah... woohoo! 

and and... *pats on my own back*... from the stats i see, i did great and improve ah... ^^ wheeee~

today's lunch!

pizzas again, and chicken wings. this time round is from papa johns... urgh! the garlic butter cream is to dieeeee forrrr... 

we have a team leader from omaha but he has to go back due to personal reasons. so this is a farewell makan makan for him. ^^ 

as for tomorrow is our team outing. and its gonna be buffet! whoaa... these 3 days really damn good meal lor! :P

== ^^ ==
ok. this is totally out of topic a bit. still food related tho... haha... few nights ago, we bought our own stuffs and did steamboat at home. and boy am i satisfied and happy with this meal. looking forward for the next round cos got lotsa leftovers... :P

== next up : REDANG TRIP! ==

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