Saturday, March 9, 2013

a promise

today i sent my aunt to the clinic to see the dr. (duh)... she was having a bad gastric. on our way back home, she was telling me about one of our relatives. i think i should call her as my aunt? i dont know, too distant. let's say... aunt B.

during CNY, she was wearing a watch bought by her husband. it was a pretty damn expensive watch. a few of other relatives of cos was asking is there a need to buy this expensive watch. it is not like they always go out and meet people. given the fact the society now is dangerous, issit a need? aunt B then used her hand to touch my aunt... "hey... it's worth it you know?"

her palm was damn rough.

her daily life is, send the kids to school, back home to do house works, back to school to send food for recess time (last time settle sendiri with canteen food la... pfftt...), then back home to do more house work, den back to school to pick the kids up... den back home taking care of kids, house work, kid's home work... etc etc...

the real story behind was...

if i am not mistaken, 10 years ago, aunt B always buys watches that are cheap... like RM100+ watches to wear almost every year. her hubby (or bf, i dont know if they were alre married back then or not) asked her, why dun buy a proper watch that has value? she responded telling him that of cos she wishes to, but where got money?? he think for a while and told her, "give me ten years".

so... a man of his words... 10 years later, he bought a watch for her. they are not wealthy, but can do la.

i am somehow glad that i am still witnessing a person who keeps his words for 10 years long...

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