Thursday, December 27, 2012

Modbox - December '12

i knew about beauty box exist through michelle phan, but i didnt know it exist in malaysia. i was blog surfing one fine day and came across haze's blogging about this. i didnt think much and just signed up anyways. it's only rm28 (rm19 + rm9 for delivery), there's nothing to lose if i were to really get stuffs that i can use. even if there are stuffs i can't use, i can give away to the ladies at home to use. :)

i didnt know i've already received mine cos apparently my grandma requested my neighbor to accept it for me, and i was expecting a notice cos i wasnt home. so when i stepped in my room and found a package, i was soooo excited and cant wait to tear the package apart to see what's in it. :P

initially i wanna do a video but i turned out to be very lazy cos i just came back from a night shift that day. so here how it looked like inside. it's december, so it is for xmas. the box is solid so i got another box for storing more stuffs. ^^ Firstly, hand written welcome card. When is the last time u see people hand write something? and i believe there are hundreds of boxes... Wow... talk about effort. Me likeyy... 

so there is a welcome card inside. a formal one, and...

at the back of it explains what's in the box and the product description.

some cash vouchers (RM20 + RM100)

and now... the goodiesss... 
(from left)
Juice Beauty - Nutrient Moisturiser : RM195/50ml
Juice Beauty - Green Apple Peel Sensitive : RM185/50ml
Himalaya - Anti Hair Fall Shampoo : RM24.90/400ml
Himalaya - Honey & Cream Body Wash : RM22:90/400ml
Skin 79 - Diamond The Prestige BB Cream : RM33.90/15g
LuView - Glossy Kiss : RM36.90/3g x2

Himalaya - Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

tried this only once and i felt my hair breaking apart. i felt my hair turned too damn dry. my hair is very fine, so maybe this shampoo is not for my hair type. 

Himalaya - Honey & Cream Body Wash

very smooth after using, but dont really like the smell... hehe... but then, i use almost finish d. haha~ i like the milky feeling tho... ^^

Juice Beauty - Green Apple Peel Sensitive

mini jar

i super love this peel. after using it, i can spot a huge difference on my skin tone. looked brighter and feels so much smoother! 

Juice Beauty - Nutrient Moisturizer

i never like using cream type moisturizer cos i hate the oily sticky feeling. eventho this is in cream form, but after applying on my face, it feels smooth. and i dont feel any sticky feeling at all! and that feeling lasts damn long! 

Skin 79 - Diamond The Prestige BB Cream

so far i've used only 1 brand for BB cream. not sure which brand is it cos it is not with me for now. so i only can compare both of them. this BB cream doesnt feel heavy on my skin. although it is greyish color when applying, it will soon blend according your skin color. coverage is good... 

LuView - Glossy Kiss

hrm... never a big fan of lip gloss. so i have no comment on this. but the rosy pink is damn nice. it's like tint on you lips. however, the milky pink, i guess it only suits fairer skin toned leng luis. my skin is yellowish tanned, and when i tried on myself, i look... damn pale. =.=" 

overall, i love the products. except for the shampoo. the lip gloss is still usable la. depends on occasion lor. hehe... it's a great grab and i am all excited what is install for next month's box. ^^

c'mon, join the beauty surprise Modbox subscription. check out below on their price.

- Subscribe month-to-month
- RM19 per month
- Cancel anytime before shipment 
- Receive a box a month for 3 months
- RM57 for 3 months @ RM19 a box
- Easy commitment with little risk 
- Receive a box a month for 6 months
- RM99 for 6 months @ RM16.50 a box
- Our most popular plan 
- Receive a box a month for 12 months
- RM198 for 12 mths @ RM16.50 a box
- Beauty guaranteed for a year 

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