Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cheezy Maggi TomYam

i have been cooking my tomyam maggi this way for years now. and i still love it to bits. i've shared this idea with lotsa ppl, but only one loves it as well... thank u jessi. 

others? well... its not that they dont like it, they just... didnt bother to try it cos it's really weird in a way... 

what you need? 

maggi, tom yam flavoured. 
(i like it with tomyam and didnt try it with other flavours before, but apparently it can be used with other flavour as well and the outcome is as yummy. :) ...)

(i only like eggs to be added in my instant noodles. u can add fishballs/meatballs/porkballs/ vege etc of your choice)

last but not least, the weird but yummy combination...

(any brand will do)

start off with the usual way how u like to cook your instant noodle. 

i like to mix the seasonings first. 

stir well... :D

whats maggi mee without the maggi mee? 

add in my yummy eggie. making sure the yolk is not too cook. :D

serve in a bowl of your choice. whichever bowl that makes your appetite "WOW"... 

lastly, my favourite part. the cheeeese... 

place the piece of cheese on it and let it melt slowly. 

and now...

enjoy the cheese tomyam taste of it. 

im not weird. its not weird. its... unique. ;)

so, u got any weird unique recipe to share? 

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