Friday, October 12, 2012

The Bookie Monster...

no. not those football bookie, you hopeless gamblers.

being jodi picoult's fan (dont know if i should call myself a fan cos i only read like 2 of her books, but i love her writing style!), each time i walk into a book store, the 1st book i will grab and flip through would definitely be her books.

the first book i ever read was 'the sister's keeper'.

i remember when i was reading it in mph, i was so into the story, at that time i was pretty out of cash in hand but went ahead and purchased it. and never regret.

second was 'sing you home'.

how can i not have this book? :P

i have a few others by jodi at home actually. but havent got the time to touch them yet. (i think i got a whole box of unread books. T.T)

when i was at the bookstore earlier this year, i grabbed 'house rules'. history repeats itself. just like the first time i was reading 'the sister's keeper'. but i stopped myself from buying it cos my mind was clouded with that box of books feeling guilty...

i came across this website selling new books at a cheap price. quite a number of variety too. of cos i looked for jodi picoult's books first. haha! the price is definitely cheaper than the ones in the major bookstores. so i went ahead and enquired on 'house rules'.

unfortunately, it was out of stocks. :(

months passed and i totally have no memory on that book anymore. and i received an email from them saying their supplier restocked them!

after i agreed and they took the risk by purchasing it on my behalf first (usually they would take full payment first then purchase it from the supplier). not scared i bail out ah...

after exchanging a few emails (and i missed their sms. T.T), instead of COD, they ended up sending the book to me. at the end, the book was sent out on 28th of Sept. expected to arrive in like what, 3 days?

but noooo... no book. no notice. nothing. yilekk... even when i asked my family member did they receive anything on my behalf or any notice... none. T.T but i didnt really bother much cos i thought maybe it was delayed.

5th of October, the Bmonster (heh... ^.^) tracked the parcel for me. [ok. im lazy to track. shut up alre.]... apparently the attempt to send to my house was on 1st October. but i didnt receive any notice leh!!! so i have to make a trip by myself to get it.

days passed... and... i forgot to collect it. T.T

10th October, Bmonster emailed me again to check if i did receive it. hahaha! talk about efficiency! i like! they even apologized for bugging me. i oso damn paiseh for being so forgetful. x.x

so today, i went and collect it.

luckily post office fella didnt tell me no notice cannot collect. else, i will make their life miserable for the day.


thanks Renae for the follow ups. if it is not your constant follow ups, i think the book will be sent back to u d. hahaha!

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