Wednesday, October 10, 2012

R.I.P Kin Boy

they said... dogs will await to see their master one last time before they say good bye.

mom called me that day crying, "kin boy 死了。。。"

i went speechless.

she told me, he waited for my mom to reach home from work. when my mom was about to open the cage to greet him and let him out, he just looked up at my mom lifelessly and then he left.

he have suffered much ever since he moved in with us. he got used to roam freely around before staying with us.  after lots of incidents happened, he ended up living in the cage most of the time.

slowly, he fell sick. he went weak. very weak.

from the usual him, who will start barking and greet me at the door. and when i entered the house, he will start hopping and scratching my legs, unintentionally of cos. at times before i go up stairs and wash up, i will sit on the floor and he will curl up next to me.
untill he just walk to the door, no barking, no hopping, just a smile on his face greeting me and walk away to lay down once i lock the door.
untill the day before he left, he didnt greet me. he was curled up by the staircase. he didnt even have strenght to lift up his head that day to look at me.

he has been through ups and downs with my mom. from the days my dad is still with her, until he left her. from the restaurant days living above the restaurant to living in a low cost flat.

when i thought days would be better when they move back in with us, i was wrong. terribly wrong.

is it not better when one family live together? no.

kin boy,

you have been a great companion to my mom. throughout these years, you have accompanied her through her ups and downs. you have loved her and protected her. sometimes even over protective by barking at me when im talking to her. =.=" i missed the days when im staying at the restaurant crying, and u were just watching by my side as if u know what i was crying about. i missed the days when i come home from work, and u keep hopping ended up there are scratches on my legs. =.=" i missed seeing you with a ribbon on... even though you are a boy. i missed seeing u lying flat on the floor like a mini carpet.

you are obedient. we never need to train you much on toilet training. u just automatically walked to the toilet and start doing your business, without fail. this is what my mom most proud of. my mom never need to worry about you when u were being left alone above the restaurant and at the low cost flat. of cos there is nothing to worry about, u're the king of the whole area alre. =.=" even when baby arrives, you never once ill treated her and never act as the alpha dog.

you dont have to worry much now. in fact, you dont have to worry about anything anymore. you have done your part as a great companion, guardian and a best friend to my mom.

you may rest in peace... 06.10.12.

your sister.

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